I went for a few drinks with a fellow Manipalite yesterday. It was after ages that we were drinking like we did in college (25 days!). There were umpteen occasions where we raised our glasses to being Manipalites. When the night finally ended I exclaimed to him with a sigh, “We are Manipalised!”. That got me wondering how we actually behave differently once we have stayed in Manipal for so long. So I made a list of top ten things that you’d notice once you get home, to know you are Manipalised-

  1. You call everyone ‘Boss’.
  2. You drink ‘The Old Monk’ and have developed considerable capacity for it.OldMonkPoster4
  3. You judge people who do not drink instead of the opposite.
  4. You have a tendency to sing and even dance along if a good song is playing in the bar.
  5. You feel awkward drinking just Sprite in a plastic glass.
  6. Whenever someone is telling you stories about the fun they had at their XYZ college, you always have the phrase ‘Bitch Please’ in your head.
  7. The short kid at Deetee recognises you.
  8. You walk very fast owing to your hill climbing skills you developed (especially from first year 16th block).
  9. You randomly call/message your friends at any time with either of the two phrases, ‘I miss you bitch!!’ or ‘I miss Manipal’.
  10. You realise that you have very specific dance skills which can be unleashed only with a particular group of Manipalites.

If you relate to most of the above, you should surely try this app- Teelancer. Started by some of my colleagues who have got some great ideas for Manipal merchandise.



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17 thoughts on “Ten signs that you are MANIPALised”
  1. Very irritating not to find an ATM close by in any other city, like in Manipal. And not to forget DUSTBINS, almost every nook n corner has one, becomes a habit…!

  2. you always want to smoke between 10 to 10.30..

    you think of a certain frail old man (Timmy Anna) as soon as it strikes 12..especially when you have an exam the next day.

  3. lolwut? 200 Rs fine for what? going to Timmy’s? holy hell, manipal is just not going in the right direction..it was much when during my second year. When I reached fourth it was too crowded and all those idiotic rules etc. Don’t know how it is now.

  4. As alumin, I think we should share better things. In case you cannot bring glory to MIT,you should not cause any disgrace. We are now basking under the glory of Mr Satya Nadella and such posts leave a bitter taste.Its time that we grow and prove our capabilities and not demean ourselves

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