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Change is the only constant!

This graph shows clearly the demand of ‘Online Coaching’ peaking during the lockdown.

During this period, BYJU’S which provided a lot of online learning solutions, experienced hyper growth and more than doubled its students to 150 million!

As you can see, in the recent past, the demand for ‘coaching near me’ signifying need for physical coaching centers has increased while demand for online is slowly decreasing. BYJU’S in the same period has launched more than 300 physical tuition centers across the country (along with 300 from Aakash Educational Services Limited), and is planning to add another 250 this year!

See what the customers want and deliver it!

Abhishek MaheshwariPuneet Bhirani, and Himanshu Bajaj along with their wonderful teams making it happen for us!

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