Make out Points in Manipal!

It was probably the 4th Semester. We were roaming around the campus to scout some new birds. We decided to go to the Polytechnic area, as being Manipalites, we always think we’d see something interesting at creepy places. Anyway, while returning we see a couple making themselves comfortable in the workshop lane. I shout ‘Oooo’ in the Shinchan voice and we run (Sorry Tharki couple). Welcome to Manipal Institute of Technology, where you learn to use every part of the education system. The library, chem block, end point and many more; one never runs out of make-out points in this place. So let’s have a look at some famous and some potential ones.


End Point- Thirty years back it was known as the lovers point, and not much has changed about it. They have made sheds for the sole purpose of people’s comfort. It overlooks Agumbe and the Swarna River. Also, if you go a little lower, beyond the shrubs, there is a clearing that has one of the most beautiful views in Manipal. You can see the river to your right, the endless horizon ahead of you and Eagles flying in front. Although the place remains crowded through the evening, the sheds provide you an option to go early. Late nights are generally not possible as the guards make sure none can enter, though one can always hope for a sleeping guard.


Risk- 5/10

Accessibility- 4 /10


Chemical Block/Workshop- These are two parallel lanes which are famous for their mushiness factor post dinner time. I am not sure about now, but in my first year its wall had, ‘No fat girls allowed’ and the direction for ‘Make out point’. Famous for its accessibility, the place is typically built for the nascent couple- dark, secluded and at a fair distance from the girls’ hostel. One has to be patient for the optimum time here.

Beauty- 1/10

Risk- 7/10

Accessibility- 9/10



Behind Workshop- After the steep slope, there’s a road that leads all the way to the Polytechnic. The road’s always deserted and is dimly lit as well. On the other hand, the slightest noise would make you think of ghosts in the jungle beside you. ‘DO NOT’ go to the main entrance of polytechnic, guards shall be ready to damp your libido!.



Accesibility- 8/10


Behind IC- There is a small garden that overlooks the less taken road from MIT gate. It’s very dark, and the perfect spot to avoid oglers. Although there have been cases of CP flashing lights on couple (Katta), but chances are minute. Also if you cross the road, you’d find another road going towards the boundary which provides a similar scene with the Chemistry block.

Beauty- 2/10




The N point- The place was my first article for MTTN. It is named after the ‘N’ Section of 2010-14 batch that found it. It’s in the Black Cup lane, beyond Greenwood society. You go down a few steps and are treated to some dulcet greenery. It is a place that echoes of Peacocks and one can see them up close. So if you are someone who prefers to stay in touch with the romantic in you, this is the place for you.





Movie Dome- It’s deserted during the weekends, and you get cheap Air conditioning. To add to that the bad quality print, gives an excuse as well as provides you with noise cancellation (If you know what I mean).





The pubs- I have seen two girls make out at Deetee. Alcohol does a lot of wonders. Not encouraging it, but pubs in Manipal are prime locations for PDA. You generally wouldn’t be thrown out, unless you are all over each other and are too inappropriate. If you are looking for a slightly private area, go to Hideout; or if you are a rich brat looking for someone random from the crowd, Blue Waters’ dance floor is for you.

Beauty- Who the **** cares

Risk- Who the **** cares



NLH staircase/ Snack Point garden/ Behind Library- These are places where you need to be a good opportunist.  They are very risky and hence are only available when the college is camped up somewhere else  (Pro-shows, revels, Plays etc.)

*Note- The article is written by a single Mechanical Student. We take no guarantee of your satisfaction. Also, further suggestions for such spots are encouraged as comments.


23 thoughts on “Make out Points in Manipal!

  1. Also, behind the sutta shop outside the MIT main gate and the parking. And, the small toilet are behind the ersthwile pizza corner. Has quite a view too.

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  4. The snack point garden has been taken over :/ They’re constructing a new hostel block there.Plus they’ve stationed guards near the spot you mentioned near the workshop xD

  5. hockey and football ground!
    AB 5 back gate!
    anyways it was a nice article, sort of relived a lot of those moments!
    and not boasting I once made out in the teacher’s cabin, she had to leave for a while bcz of some student with attendance issues !
    risk- infinite !!
    fame- concealed!

  6. the one and only “””VGT”””” how could you miss that… plus there is a secret place on the paratha point road..#won’t reveal it

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