Top five changes in the even Semester

Keep em straight! – The girls who used to wear Salwaar suits and in some cases sported a ‘Choti’, have had a complete make-over. Almost always the hair becomes straight and new jeans are pushed to the extreme limits (much to most people’s pleasure). Some have lost a considerable amount of weight as well! Guys generally have bought a whole new wardrobe and short haircuts (owing to family pressure).

1510471_607186595997809_1010305956_n - Copy

The Beautiful Srishti Prasad!

Mine is bigger- Oh! I am talking about phones and tablets. I remember during my first year ‘Samsung Corby’ used to be like the official mobile phone of MIT. Come second semester, Blackberrys and I-phones were flooding the college.

20100815_agumbe1 333

 OMG! Look out the window- the mornings in Manipal become breath taking. It’s a treat especially if you stay in the 16th, 17th or the 13th block. The vast hills of Agumbe enshrouded by mist and the perfectly chilly weather, is a sight.  Though later in the semester the same weather is going to melt you down!

Me doing what I do best! Hosting and looking retarded!

Revels- This one’s a personal favourite. You love the stage and you get the stage. For all the lesser talented or shyer crowd, don’t worry, there’s going to be a festive mood most of the sem in the college.  And off-course the Fashion show (not particularly good memories attached to this)! Who doesn’t want hot people strutting around! Plus there are mega events like Battle of the Bands and Pro-show!!!!

bhang-thandai - Copy

HOLI- The only day one can walk shirtless throughout the college without objections from anyone (Don’t think it applies to the fairer sex, but when you think about it, no one shall object any day). The hockey ground is filled with colours, music, dance and a little clothes tearing. You can also get your beloved ‘Bhaang Waali Thandai’ from select places. It is a wonderful time to visit Goa!

Do let me know your top observations as well! Till then enjoy some Fashion Show pics credits:



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3 thoughts on “Top five changes in the even Semester

    • Well! Yeah! some people are lesser talented at some things comparatively. I got 0 talent for studies and thus don’t take much part in academic stuff. And I am generally drunk in parties so dunno how much fun I am (Regarding your implication, yes I do not socialise well )

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