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One of the major game changers for BYJU’S has been its content team. With one of the largest content teams in the world, BYJU’S has set itself apart by hiring and training top-quality professionals.

The hiring process at BYJU’S is rigorous and selective, ensuring that only the best candidates make it through to the final round. We typically hire freshers from the top NITs and Tier 1 and 2 colleges, but we don’t just go for the students with perfect grades. Instead, we look for candidates with creativity and a passion for content.

The first round of the hiring process is a mix of aptitude and content tests, designed to establish a candidate’s basic aptitude and understanding of concepts. This helps us narrow down the pool of candidates to around 40 out of 100.

The second round is something that sets BYJU’S apart from other companies. We have an open internet test, where candidates are asked to creatively present a Science or Math topic in 1.5 hours. This helps us gauge their creativity and potential as instructional designers, a crucial skill in the education industry.

The final round of the hiring process is an interview with around 20 candidates. This round tests all the skills we’ve looked for so far, as well as the candidate’s fit as a mix of creative writer, instructional designer, and subject matter expert. Only about 5% of candidates make it through to the final selection.

Once candidates are onboarded at BYJU’S, they go through extensive training to become the perfect mix of all three roles. This includes

training in creative writing, where they learn how to engage students in a subject through storytelling and how to balance content with fun and retention. They also receive training in instructional design, learning about the best animations and graphics to use for maximum retention.

Finally, candidates go through training in the various processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) used at BYJU’S to ensure high-quality content. These processes include multiple review and approval cycles to ensure that every piece of content meets the high standards set by the company.

The combination of subject matter expertise, instructional design skills, and creative writing talent is rare in the industry, and BYJU’S takes great care to cultivate these skills in its content team. With such a dedicated and talented team, it’s no wonder that BYJU’S has become a major player in the education industry. So, the content team of BYJU’S is a backbone of the company’s success and its unique hiring and training process has played a crucial role in this success.

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