The nascence of college life is something that gets etched in our memories; the fear, the excitement and the ever-growing expectations. There were many things I loved in my first year. ‘My Firsts’ as I call them. Read on to know the fun that awaits.

My first night out- when we were in first year, our perm time was 9:30 p.m. The college had told us that failing to sign in the register if finable and for the girls, an immediate call to the parents was done. Our group was one of the biggest groups in first year and the first sessional had just ended. The boys jumped from the broken window (somehow even after repair it always broke) of sixteenth block after signing. The girls signed and on the pretext of getting something from the campus store, sneaked out. We went to Malpe at around ten in the night. We spent the night on the cold beach with breaks to find shelter when it rained. Not the perfect night out, but still one that’d always be remembered.

My first suspension- one fine morning when I had struggled to get to class (75% attendance is difficult to maintain), to my dismay, the class had been cancelled. We learnt that the whole section had been suspended. Some students had burnt a paper on the last seat after class and the janitor had complained. We were suspended indefinitely, till the names were given to the director. Five days and a lot of movies later, we attended class again. Why we were allowed, is a history I can’t type here. Though none of us went with the name (everyone in the class knew the culprits) to the director. I was proud that day, not for what we did, but for the unity we showed; I remember the class representative actually swearing on his life that no one from the class did it.

My nirvana- With a ratio of one to five, the girls in Manipal are bound to be proud creatures; though somehow many find it a need to be noticed. There was one senior I presume all 2014 batch students remember. She generally wore black and had so much beauty to exhibit that we’d sit and watch her in awe. She became famous for entering the food court in red hot pants. The heads turned as is they were seeing a queen pass by. The dulcet delights never cease to exist in Manipal.

My first drunkenness- It was, as is the case for most at Deetee. A birthday party and I was missing hi fives a few drinks into it. The girls in the group remained sober; hence each drunk was given a girl to listen to the blabber. We went to Blue Water where we tried sobering up. I somehow don’t remember how we managed to get everyone back to the hostel in time.

My first back- Too much fun is bad for you. Back is a term you’d start associating exclusively with exams once in college. It was chemistry and my vacations were cut short. It was a section re-union at FC. 40 in the section had flunked. I had studied like an ass for ten days. The first is always the hardest they say.

Apart from these there were many incidents I’d always remember; 600 students taking over the hostel, the college perm time going for a toss during world cup, the rowdy diwali and our random trips to random greenery in Manipal. Oh! I miss my first year.


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    1. I am afraid I do not know the name. But she was in 2nd year post grad as far as I remember. Black hair, little longer than shoulder length; 5’6 probably but always looked as hot as Delhi summers!!

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