An Engineering student is often regarded as crude in behaviour and MIT is no exception. We regularly hear about the boys going berserk around the campus. So here we have made a short list of the famous incidents that define the raw MITian.

KMC Library-

ManipalUniversity1We are normally lured into MIT by the High-tech labs, the EDU, the amazing hostels and off course ‘Asia’s third biggest Library’. It is later that we realise that not only are all these far from our campus, but we are not allowed in them as well. Boasting of a CCD inside itself, the posh KMC Library, was banned to MIT students in 2009.Here goes the story of the reason as told by a senior (2008-2012)….

A tiff broke out between a KMC and an MIT student at Deetee. The KMC student chose to leave and headed towards the library (No idea why!!). The MIT student followed him there and a physical fight ensued causing some damage to the Library. Since then our combo-cards don’t work on for The KMC Library.


Washing Machine-

The absence of washing machines in the boy’s hostel is not an issue of women reservation. There is a story behind it as well, and no, no one tried the Harlem Shake on them. During Diwali, as students always look for something to blast, washing machines became the perfect target. So the crackers were tested in the washers following which the ‘to be engineers’ dismantled the machines and sold them off part by part. So now you know why you have to wash your own clothes.


She’s Mine-

MIT is known to have strong groups of people generally inspired by region. With an unfavourable ratio to boys, we often find desperate souls. The so called ‘Gang’ leaders, with so much power (of fear) at their disposal often take liberty of laying their eyes on anyone. These targets are typically good looking, have no clue who the gang leader is and just want a normal life for themselves. Instead they are stalked, are sent lewd messages and that’s just the staring. All guys are warned to maintain a certain distance from the girls as the gang cannot see the girls with anyone else. Moreover, any attempts of confrontation by a guy shall earn his knuckled face a trip to KMC.




Diwali is always associated with broken hostel windows. On D day, KC remains the favourite hangout place (in spite of umpteen requests of authorities against it). Rockets flying right at  you, random bombs on timers at every corner, and a gang of guys ogling and commenting on the ethnically clad girls. This is one day when the Campus Patrol is literally toyed with.

Ignited Minds

Holi on the other hand is comparatively subtle. It is the only day when you can walk around shamelessly topless (Only guys :P). It becomes a necessity to have a torn shirt to play Holi in MIT.


World Cup-

India wins the world cup and whole of MIT is on the streets, regardless of the perm time. A jam-packed KC, and all of them shouting slogans of exhilarated euphoria. Soon a milk van is raided and packets are randomly thrown around. Some manage their way to the KC roof which eventually gave way (none hurt but KC Anna had a lighter pocket because of the repairs).


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