The world no longer runs on Morals, it runs on fear. It is fear that controls humans. And fear now needs to control every single mechanism. No person/union can be allowed the audacity of thinking themselves as invincible and that is where FEAR needs to be instilled.

The autowallas in Manipal, are probably the strongest union in the area; so much so that they can literally toy, with the financial, legal and off late moral structure of the society. Do not believe me? Read on

True Story 1:

Two students in an inebriated state catch an Auto near DeeTee (the famous bar) to college at around at night. The auto stops at Kamath Circle and the auto driver demands an exorbitant charge. The students immediately refused and started to argue with the driver. The driver (already with 3 more passengers) then forcefully takes them to Mallu Palla Lake, which is usually a deserted and dark place at night. Three more guys reach the scene (All from Polytechnic). The students are beaten up badly and their phones and money is snatched. They are then taken to the nearest ATM station and are asked to max out at knife point. On returning to hostel, one of them immediately goes to the Police station. Seeing him drunk, the police try to ignore them rudely. The college is intimated and eventually the parents of the students are called upon. Somehow (puns intended) the college manages to tone the incident down. Four suspects, no one knows what happened to them or the money.


True Story 2:

It was time of Pre-revels 2012. I remember a guy (probably a well-known senior) coming on the stage and asking me to stop the competition. He intimates everyone about an immediate boycott of Autos and exhorts us to move towards the police station. A student had once again been asked to pay more than the rate and this time upon argument, a fight had ensued, joined by a few other auto drivers as well. The first driver (allegedly drunk) had taken out a knife and threatened him in full view of KC. The police’s initial statement had been, “there are not enough people who are protesting”, and hence the urge of moving to Police Station.

The driver is easily let off, and the University decides to turn a blind eye to the protest that happened the following day.

Buoyed up by such incidents the seemingly Colossal Union of Manipal Auto Drivers is always seen exercising their power every day when you catch an auto. There have been innumerable incidents where an auto driver feels a girl walking on the street and just blissfully takes off. Complaints have been registered but never been acted upon. Now, I understand that the union is strong; but you are a multi-billion worth university that practically owns a city. At the least the university can fix rates inside the campus. If they don’t comply, the university has rights and power to boycott them. This boycotting is better because, more than the need of comfort for us is the need of money for the drivers. They have to concede first!

*Facts are based on accounts of students who have experienced or know someone who has experienced the wrath of the Union. I urge every parent reading this to not send their children to Manipal unless you are fully convinced that the system can take care of them.


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