It was probably the month of September in my first year (2010). We had just been given brand new laptops. I used to stay in the 16th block. Within a few weeks of us getting the laptop, news started doing the rounds; ‘laptops being stolen’. There were 3-4 laptops missing mostly from the lower floors. To our amazement, the culprit was caught within a couple days. He was a senior student who we later got to know had been caught for stealing before. We thought he’d be in immense trouble with the police but what college did was just SHIFT HIS ROOM to the ninth block!

Happened a few days back!
Happened a few days back!

There have been numerous cases of laptops and mobiles being stolen but I have never heard of a police investigation for the same. The college’s prime reason is that they do not want the image of the university tainted. Also a police case shall spoil a student’s career. Moreover, the culprits whose families are well off, escape by claiming the ‘Kleptomaniac’ tag which is a medical condition and hence not as serious as theft. It is observed that a direct FIR with the police does not help much either, as they require permission from the college before investigations can begin.

The situation also makes one ponder what kind of security is offered by the college. People have climbed up the bathroom vent, taken laptops in broad daylight from unattended rooms and even managed to break locks and enter a room. In fact the routers in the hallway are not safe as well (to be fair, they caged it). We pay enough, so I presume a few CCTV cameras in the hallway won’t hurt the pockets of MU much. We belong to a very prestigious and highly regarded university. If our students are found mixed in such activities, I believe that instead of sweeping it under the carpet, some strict actions shall curb such practices. I hope the authorities take notice.


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