Note– The following story is based on three true stories exclusive of each other. All names are changed.

Knock knock knock… knock… knock knock!!! It was a room on the ground floor of the seventeenth block. Rohan and his room-mate had decided to smoke up the first time (Second year). A guy with a goatee opened a door. Soon he was chatting them up about all kinds of drugs he had done, including acid and snake bite in goa. They, being naïve to that world, did not even smoke cigarettes. They were both found looking at each other perplexed at what had got into the guy with the goatee. He had his eyes closed and was bobbing his head to trance music. They decided to pay and leave with a joint for themselves (they had smoked one already). After one of their experienced friend took some drags and was soon kissing the toilet pot, did they realise that they had mouth-fagged everything.

It was after the six backs in the fourth semester that Rohan started to smoke. He was a part of the football team and managing academics was getting more and more difficult.  He had soon discovered that marijuana was a cheap way out. Soon ‘a joint a day keeps the tension away’ became his motto.  One day, one of his seniors, Raghu, asked if he had some ‘stuff’ on him. Rohan invited him over to his 9th block room for a session. They smoked up after the evening practice. He soon got a knock on his door. Being paranoid, especially on a trip, Rohan opened the door. There was a man in his late forties staring at him.

“Where is Raghu? I am his father.” Confused at what was conspiring, Rohan said that Raghu had left long time back. As soon as he closed the door, he asked Raghu to leave. After about an hour, Raghu’s father knocked on the door again. He told that Raghu had not reached his room.

“My son is not back yet. I know you are providing him with drugs. I shall complain to the authorities.” This made Rohan very scared and he was soon found crying and pleading to the father not to do so. The father then went inside the room.

“You do not know who you are providing drugs to. He already has a year back and acid had spoilt his academics last year. When he got his results, he went into a BT and cut off his friend’s ear as he blamed him for his failures. I stay with him to make sure he does not fall into drugs again.”

Rohan got a year back after the sixth semester. His father somehow got to know about all his extra-curricular activities. Being from a very orthodox family, Rohan knew his time at college might be over. His uncle and father were coming to pick him up to take back to his home town. He was now in 14th block. As soon as they reached, Rohan started shouting from the sixth floor TV room’s window that he’d jump if they come up. His uncle, tried to pacify him from the ground floor while his father rushed towards the stairs to stop him. It was too late!

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11 thoughts on “The Drug Chronicles- Manipal”
  1. The “smokers’ jargon” is slightly difficult to follow. It would have been a more interesting reading if the language was simpler.

    1. BT-Bad trip. Tripping- can’t be explained. Acid- is a psych drug (I guess). Joint- weed in the form of a cigarette. I presume you are 1st/2nd year. You’d know all this by your final year even if you don’t indulge yourself.

  2. sad that the last para thing actually happened in 2013 and that you chose to write a story on it

    1. I know it seems insensitive. I have strong opinions about some things and believe that a line should be drawn at certain places. I condemn suicide. I didn’t know the student and understand that I have no right to judge. I felt people should know where going overboard can lead to. I am sorry again if it hurts your sentiments.

  3. You mentioned you didn’t know the student involved, i did, and from i read i can see you didn’t know the entire story as well. Writing about the incident and providing incomplete, inaccurate information is very miss-leading to anyone who reads this. not cool

    1. Hey Madhav, I presume you are talking about the guy in the final para. Before that, I am very sure about the facts. Regarding the last story, well personal opinion- nothing justifies suicide. I am sorry if he was a friend but I don’t think I am misleading anyone. I only gave the info I knew for him or for all three as a matter of fact. I’d appreciate if you share any info that shows a different aspect of the story.

  4. I am on my way to manipal… Nd All ths is kinda be part of my clg i guess… Quite nervous Quite tensed….! Seniors must suggest good thngs over here…. 🙂

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