Most of us have faced them at least once. For some it’s become the way of college life, for others, a mark of humiliation. Backs, make-up, re-exam, OD; whatever you call them, whatever the technicalities be, eventually, they mean the same thing i.e. coming back to college during holidays. You find different kind of people during these times. Let’s take a look at them-

The Hot Room people- Typically a batch of 5-6 people who normally camp up in one room. They have either stayed back for ODs or have enough backs to stay the whole vacation. They spend most of the day eating sandwiches (#HIMYM). When it’s the last day before an exam, you see them scamper throughout the hostels for notes or someone to teach them (There’s always some grey in black). There is always music in their rooms, which is either Skrillex or, The lunatic is one the grass… or some prayers for the Bholenath…..


The first timers- They are the grey I mentioned earlier. They come to college for the unfortunate back; one subject that mars their vacations. Typically a 7 pointer (they have calculated their GPA for every grade they can get in the make-up), they are usually the ones that prefer staying secluded. They look down upon the others and falsely believe in their superiority. They finish their syllabus thrice and aim only for a ‘C’.

The guilt stricken (the liars) – They have been so ashamed of the back that they either don’t tell anyone or stealthily come and go. Their parents generally have no clue about the ‘non-existent projects’ or ‘The official paper work’. The number of such people comes into light when the new batch arrives during July. Students working for Parikshit, Formula Manipal and TMR increase exponentially. Everyone wants to avoid the humiliation, so the third Chemistry back becomes ‘Working for Solar Mobile’, when confronted by a First Year’s parent.

The Groupies- This is one group, void of sandwiches but yet manage to get a back. This generally happens with a tough subject, mass transfer, chem, BE etc. I remember my Chem back; we had an ‘M’ section re-union at FC. More than half the class flunked (maybe had something to do with us calling our Ma’am, ‘Sir’ during attendance every time). This group studies in a group of 5-6 and is always paranoid about the exam.

The Innocents- They are actually the students working for different teams and would probably never have a back in college life. They somehow have taken up engineering too seriously and prefer staying in the hostels rather than the comfort of their homes. They are in high demand for their notes and knowledge, but often elude everyone.


2 thoughts on “Backs- Kinds of people who stay back”
  1. there is another kind ……. ppl who not only study engineering subjects while 1st year but they also want to explore life , so they read too much philosophy and fuk up their end sem !

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