We often have pre-perceived notions of different branches. How some are considered to be easier than others, some more hectic, more practical and what not!  Three years down the lane let’s see how the branches really turned out to be.

Mechanical (Royally Alone) – It is one of the most glorified branches at MIT. It boasts of an ‘A’ grade rating (no one is really sure about this) and claims to have the best professors. When I came in for counselling, my father whispered to me, “Take EEE, the job profile is not physical and mechanical doesn’t have any girls too.”

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Yes, they have a one to sixty ratio and generally all girls are put in one section. No matter how disheartening it may sound at first, having a girl-free class has its advantages too. Lesser distractions (I am just trying to feel good here), more practical discussion (true to an extent) and the professors are at ease as well. Where else can you have gang drill be explained by relating to life elements of Sasha Grey.

They don’t have class parties, just the weekly gathering at Deetee. They have one tough subject each sem, and half the branch is found at Tee Spirits after its end sem. This branch is a six pointer’s nightmare. You score a double digit in a sessional and you still remain way below average. The placements are generally good and the current year  has surprisingly(recession) been decent.

Cribbing-                    3/10

Class Beauty-             1/10

Academic Difficulty- 5.5/10


IT (Ghanta easy) – It is conceived to be one of the easier branches at counselling but one sees the irony later. They are often worked hard for little returns. They are required to study Communication but don’t get a degree for it, they are always considered inferior to CS and they are always seen wracking their brains off during exams. You would always find them cribbing about lab evaluations, sessionals and projects. They are freaked out during the exams and normally scape through owing to their comparatively easier End-semester exams. They are one branch whose students are known to make the best plans, but end up doing nothing (I am biased towards Mech. and believe all guys gang have more fun). They do enjoy probably the best scenes in class (50:50 ratio). Half of the guys are committed and the other half goes in a herd after a few chosen ones.  They eventually do get placed pretty well, and currently have the second best placements on campus after CS. The professors, as I have heard are somewhat Troll proffs. I have heard about professors who come into a lab exam, look at a paper, and then with a smile would comment “You will not be able to pass.” All said, this branch somehow has a lot of geniuses. You would have those typical students who don’t score that well but can hack into anything, say the websis portal and make an MIT facemash.

Cribbing-                    7/10

Class Beauty-             8/10

Academic Difficulty-7.5/10

EEE (5 year course) – One branch where there are no surprises in the academic part. Toughest branch at MIT and hence the mocking tagline. My BET prof, (now the HOD EEE) said in his first class, “EEE students work hard for four years and then they can enjoy”. The next thing I did was to apply for a Mech. Waitlist. The students generally do not score in sessional. Their averages roam around 5 in each subject. Yet they somehow do not crib as much as one would expect; as if they have now accepted their fate. Maximum YB’s from this branch and the placements are not that good either. They have a fair bit of the fairer sex, but students are normally too busy to notice.

Cribbing-                      5.5/10

Class Beauty-              6.5/10

Academic Difficulty-  9.5/10


CS (Chill Branch)- Lives up to its tagline. It is a branch whose professors had decided that teaching on Saturdays is too mainstream (three years back). It has the best placements in the college (comparable with NITs) and is comparatively a lot easier than IT. Most students are found immersed in some club work or the other.  They do not bother anyone with any complains as they pretty much have everything a student can ask for. They are also the best choice for people who struggle in Maths as their syllabus is comparatively more conceptual.  Not known for its teaching, but yet a 100% placement and that too highly paid ones.

Cribbing-                    4/10

Class Beauty –            7.5/10

Academic Difficulty-6/10

Mechatronics (A mix no one understands)- MIT is one of the few colleges in India that offers this branch. Being a mix of Electronics and Mechanical, it was thought to be the next big thing. The branch hasn’t really caught up really well in India. In addition nor is the course well defined. Students are often confused about the vague syllabus as they are caught between 3-4 branches. Even the teachers (generally borrowed from other branches) are sometimes found in disarray. They were made a separate dept. a year back, so let’s hope this jack of all trades gets somewhere for right now their placement prospects are in shambles.

Cribbing-                    5/10

Class Beauty-            2/10

Academic Difficulty-7/10

Civil (Everyone’s a nine pointer) – Probably the easiest branch in the college. I know people who were seven pointers in the first year become nine pointers in this branch. Teaching is arguably good, and the only cribbing is about looking at the road in peak summers using random equipment. Their papers are generally very easy (I hope you know why!!!).  Unfortunately, the placements are poor though L&T made a welcome change to it this year.


Class Beauty-4/10

Academic Difficulty-3/10


Chemical (Mass Transfer)- Half the branch flunks on the tagline. Contrary to normal opinion, their studies include heat, flow and more of mechanical stuff. Chemistry is just for one more semester. These guys generally are found cribbing about studies, to their defence it is one of the hardest engineering branches.


Class Beauty-6/10

Academic Difficulty-8/10

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I met an aero guy a few months back and he told me that there was just one guy placed in Aero that too not in a core! Automobile is similar to Mech. with the exception of placements (Most companies do not make them eligible). Rest of the branches are either too small or are too studious to notice changes (read EnC).


17 thoughts on “Branches-the cribbing, the difficulties and the beauties”
  1. Somehow everyone conveniently forgets Biotech.
    It’s a very easy branch in the second year at least, the work load is nowhere near as much as what I’ve seen with others, and from a person who had backs in the first year, I’ve got a decent gpa now 😛

    3rd year is apparently very tough though for us.

    Also there are just 26 of us…
    Wait, maybe that’s why they forgot…oh…

    1. Ummm yeah Karan it’s a small branch. I have heard the girls are good and the placements are decent as well. I don’t have much idea about academics as don’t have many friends from the branch!

  2. instrumentation and control?? you seem to be a knowledgeable ones. can you please highlight this branch as well?

    1. I & C has a syllabus similar to EEE but not as hard. Their placements are not great but this year every branch is doing well on a general basis. Girls- few good, as you’d expect with an electrical branch. Teachers, don’t have much idea but are not very great from what I have heard.

      1. I want to know about biomedical too and haven’t been able to find any source. Would. E great if you could help on this one

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