Tips- before forwarding the CV

I came across a dozen CV’s lately particularly from MIT Manipal. The MITians are known in the country to be smart which we proudly shove at anyone’s face if questioned about our academic prowess. However, majority of the CVs forwarded to me had some very grave mistakes. Being a six pointer myself, I preferred presenting…


MIT Manipal Placements 2012-13

Following are some details of placements for the year 2012-13. The details are only for the 7th Semester. The actual placement this year has been far better; this is just to give you a better idea of placements.


Is Satya Nadella embarrassing MIT Manipal?

It was 5th February morning and we were driving down for office. Suddenly the Radio announces the appointment of Satya Nadella as Microsoft CEO. A small mention of Mangalore University (later changed to Manipal University) was given and both I and my father (Also 1988 Batch, Nadella’s) exclaimed with happiness. Manipal Institute of Technology has…