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PC- Manipalworldnews.com
  1. Attendance- Most of us shall complete a pseudo-correspondence course in the college. The only thing that takes us to college is that 75% barrier!
  2. Buses– I used to wake up at 7:40, have breakfast and go for class! It can’t be done any longer because the 16th and 17th block ditches are way too cumbersome to climb on foot.
  3. Accent- Let’s face it! When in first year, it was actually very difficult to understand the yums and the yens.
  4. Holidays- we get Diwali/Holi off one day before the actual holiday sometimes (We’d joke that Ram reached South first). No holidays after three days of sessionals too!!! MIT, WHY YOU NO LET US ENJOY?
  5. Hostel restrictions- It is Saturday! Let me be outside please!!! Did you know, you are not allowed to sit and play CS with your friends in the room either (Never Followed obviously)? I heard they fine heavily for breaking hostel rules these days.
  6. Weather- continuous rains for 3 months (North first years, you too shall eventually get irritated). The weather is at its best during exams. It is not a coincidence; there is some black magic involved!!!
  7. Bitches- With a ratio like that; it is not unusual to find the fairer sex acting like queens. As a friend tells me, “The ones who were perpetually ignored in school have so much attention here that they get bitchy with attitude”
  8. Ab ki baar…- any minor election and every pub turns silent! I never get the logic! Plus the multiple restrictions on the youth partying!
  9. Crowd- Every year the intake increases while the place remains the same. I remember sitting on the floor and eating food at FC once.
  10. Autos- Seriously!!! 150 bucks to Manjumnath Petrol pump!! And if it’s one of those nights at Blue Waters, prepare to shell a fortune for getting back.
  11. Judging people- Oh! You drink and smoke??? Stay away I don’t want to be near spoilt people! Oh the vice-versa is true as well!
  12. Internet- Right side of my wardrobe was where we both (roomie) kept our laptops as that was the only place we’d catch ION back in first year. The internet has certainly improved but still not at par with its claims.
  13. Groupism- I have always been critical with the localites, Andhrites, Biharis etc. making separate regional groups. Diversity is one of the amazing facts about Manipal, please do not restrict it!

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10 thoughts on “13 Irritating facts about Manipal”
  1. each & every point is so true…..dat attendance thing!!! Plus the quizzes dat started dis sem…..and the college staff overreacting wen in xams dey scold u jst for ticking on Q papers calling it malpractice

  2. Attendance: 75%?
    Guess what ~MMMC attendance barrier is 90%! I think Manipal is the only place in the world where University rules are equivalent to primary school rules. Taking attendance like kindergarten… haha

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