Suddenly it is the end of the even semester and everyone is tensed about what hostel block they’d get. The ones that don’t care much about the flashy GPAs are now finding it difficult to avoid the common bath. A solution- Shift out!!! Here are a few pointers I learnt from personal experience.



  • Money-

o   An Air conditioned flat with two rooms and 4 guys shall come for around 16-18K/month in a decent society! Deposit ranges from 50k-100k
o    Food- Cook charges Rs1000/month. Cooks twice a day and brings in the vegetables as well. Net around 4k/month for the food you like.
o   Cleaning- Maid who comes once a day to clean the house and wash utensils charges Rs1000/month
o   It Initial expenditure- 7-10k. These items can be sold off once you leave.
o   You get your 15k deposit from hostel back.

  • Freedom- No perm time barring a few societies.
  • Amenities- Basics like fridge (chilled umm Mazas!), water purifiers, beds, almirahs and sometimes TVs are provided by the owner. If the society is big enough, you can be lucky (very) to have a pool as well!
  • Night outs- are way more fun when you are not cramped up in a small room. Beware of the Saturday night call of a friend requesting to give some floor place to pass out!


  • Transport- Places like Pavitra, Shambhavi, Ideal, Regal etc. are very much near the college. However, if you plan to take a flat near the China Valley area, transport becomes a problem.
  • Personal space– There is always someone in the house! So if you prefer the Bed to the Bathroom (If you know what I mean), opt for that single room.
  • Losing your way- If you drink, you’d drink more, that’s a fact! Freedom=responsibility!
  • Initial settling– First two weeks are very busy as you’d have to get groceries and utensils and settle in.
  • Bills- electricity and internet bills!!!

Places to stay-

  • Pavitra (In front AB5)
  • Janatha,Aam and Riyans Residency (all in the lane beside AB5)
  • Regal Embassy, Independent houses, Aathmi (In the Big Boss lane)
  • Shambhavi (Near Deetee)
  • Ideal Residency (In front Big boss)
  • Emerald, Mandavi and Pearl building (China Valley Lane)

Parents-Now parents hate the idea of their kid shifting out, here’s how we (7-8 friends in our group shifted) convinced them-

Parent- I don’t care about the money! You are not shifting out!

Me- It is a huge difference and otherwise we’d have to stay in the D block! Have you seen how it is? Why not pay the same amount as 10th block and get an attached bathroom and an AC as well?

Parent– You’d just party!

Me- I am 20, it is time you trust me!

Parent- What about studies with all the people in the house?

Me- I study in the library anyway, which btw would be nearer.

Parent- What about the food. You can’t join the mess!

Me– We’d all hire a cook, he’d get all the vegetables and all.

Parent- What if you want to ask doubts; or want help with an assignment?

Me- Most people from class are shifting out and I can always stay in hostel for a night if need be!

Besides all this it really helps if your parents trust your friends. Be very sure that they’d call your friends’ parents and know their view. So be prepared!!! Good luck!!

8 thoughts on “Shifting out- The pros, cons and convincing the parents”
  1. Why spend so much ????!! join sindhi mess for 2700/- per month and there are single spacious rooms with attached bathrooms AC fully furnished ..attached kitchen , LCD television, etc etc …. walking distance to AB5 ..
    Deposit Rs 20000/- will be refunded
    Rent 4500/- Per month
    .very few rooms left …. only serious buyers …
    Call: +917259305196
    for 10 months its just 45000/- way less than 10th block ….moreover you get AC + freedom ..

    1. Mostly people take a 2-3 BHK and stay in the single room as it is cheaper. Anyway Regal embassy has a couple single rooms. Otherwise the building infront of Big Boss has single hostel like rooms for v cheap renting.

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