I have never been a gamer, but have always been addicted to a few. Here is my top 5

  1. Age of empires- this series was probably played by everyone from our generation. One of the best strategy games and is responsible for most of our history lessons. This is one game I still play; multiplayer with 5-6 people for hours.  Last couple of years we’d have our house cramped with people who’d later have a night out shouting, “Wall bana saale…BTW there’s an HD version of AOE 2 now and an expansion with an Indian tribe!!!
  2. Contra- This one’s probably the oldest in the list. Those Korean and Chinese video games where we’d put those Rs.50 chips with 1000 games that rarely worked and would make those 1000 with redundant games with only colour changes. I used to play this with my bestie till we finished all eight levels, or off course till the adapter melted. Yes I got the ‘S’ power!!!Contra
  3. Roadrash- XYZZYSPOON Shift+1- I remember the cheat by heart till date. I would allow my kid brother to use the kick button while I did the rest. This is one game that every one of us has played. The locations, price money, bikes and yeah! Worrying if Mom is around at the end of the race where the tattooed girl gave us a kiss!Road-Rash
  4. 941c35b6e84dd521cea0157c954d4623FIFA- ‘EA sports, tuda game’. I realised it a year back that it said ‘It’s in the game’. I am not someone who was an ardent football fan in my childhood. My first FIFA was ‘09 and since then I have never missed a single one. I am not great at it, but love the longevity of the career mode. Take Chelsea finish 15 years, take Barca B team and take it to the ultimate level and then be forced to retire. I delete this game after every result after being coaxed by my friends.
  5. Hill climb Racing- there is a certain smell associated with this one; most of it has been played over the pot. This was so famous in my group that one guy called my roomie at 3 in the night to just say, “Ma **** I beat your Highway highscore” I would give my phone to people in the class when bored so they’d increase my money!!!screen568x568

The other close ones were CS, NFS, those brick games, popeye etc. Tell me your top 5 in the comments…

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