Two days and the dreaded (for most guys) Valentine’s week shall hurl towards every single and committed person, with different effect. A week that I usually spend oblivious to the occasion followed by a typical finale- my mother pitying me enough to agree to be my Valentine. In my first year, she had arranged for Roses and a huge card to be given as a surprise at KC (college) through my senior sister. You could have seen me beaming with an ear to ear smile for hours! The second one, I had asked my friends (committed ones) to get me a rose when they buy one for their loves which they conveniently forgot. I actually dressed up and went to buy myself a rose (No matter how clichéd, I’m yours if you give me a rose). I eventually could not get a single red rose and had to return disappointed!!!


There are 7 days preceding the 14th that are compulsorily celebrated. Let us take a look at them.

1.       Rose Day, 7th Feb- The wilted ones are given to me to keep in my books (I rarely touch them so best place!). This marks the start of the most anxious week for a committed guy. A simple red rose will do.

2.       Propose day 8th Feb- Valentines is very rarely an occasion where relationships are made. It is usually used to stamp an existing one out of sheer convention. So for some reason you are supposed to propose a day after the Rose.

3.       Chocolate day 9th Feb- No matter how amorous the simple Cadbury Silk ads seem they just won’t cut the deal. The chocolates need to be expensive, in heart shaped fancy red boxes and should be accompanied by a small note. To offer some respite for the guys, both parties can celebrate this one.

4.       Teddy Bear day 10th Feb- two of my newly troubled friends wanted to buy teddy bears. So they went to the gift shop at Tiger Circle and just stared awkwardly at the shopkeeper. He smiled and approached them, “Teddy Bears?” They nodded nervously. This gift should be a surprise; hence the single room-mates come into play. Hilarious embarrassed moments arise if the idea is shared by the female as well. Take a peek into your roomie’s wardrobe and thou shall be amaze.

5.       Promise Day 11th Feb- the smaller version of vows. Hugeass love letter should be produced. I promise not to check out other girls… I promise I won’t nag you etc…

6.       Hug day 12th Feb- goes by easily, but only hugging allowed.

7.       Kiss day 13th Feb- You may finally kiss your valentine. The guys strive their way through the week for this.

Valentine’s Day 14th February- A very fancy, preferably candle lit dinner is in order. Hideout is the best place in college I am told. Buy the roses beforehand as they finish up very fast. A day I feel is the most unfair as after the torturous week, no one usually gets any!!!

All said and done, I like Valentine’s Day. I consider it a day to wish all the people important to you, so a Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

An ode!
An ode!

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