1. Learn playing an Instrument- You’d never get enough time for it ever in your life after college.gin_wigmore_guitar_girl_blonde_floor
  2. Perfect Week- Drink/Party for straight 7 days, generally achieved in the penultimate semester.tumblr_mq5ti5okUq1r53jvxo1_500
  3. Night Out of hostel- to be done in first year. The thrill is priceless.madagascar_characters_sneaking_out_from_zoo_wallpaper_-_1280x800
  4. Get into a relationship- people tell me it’s good (generally); nevertheless it’s an experience.b9967ccd657a3c5ff052f6a0a49f60d1_m
  5. Pull an all-nighter- and go straight for breakfast.collegesenior
  6. Perform on stage- even if you suck, it doesn’t matter. Facing that many people is not only fun but also boosts your confidence, provided you don’t take it too seriously!chris-brown-singing-on-stage-bet-awards-2008
  7. Stalk- All the girls of that friend who is friends with that Delhi University chick. Usually done near exams in a group of about half a dozen.the social network computer guys
  8. Explore music- There are so many people in college with different musical tastes and each has something unique to offer.Musical-Wallpapers
  9. Shows- watch a TV show 12 hrs. /day till it finishes (Prison Break!!!)Watching-Laptop-in-Bed
  10. Dance- Invent new awkward moves and do it very often.brent1.jpg
  11. Day dream- For best results, try a day before exam. Dream about that company you want to open or the girl you wished could date or what would you do when exams get over.doodle landscape
  12. Fail- in an exam. Keeps you grounded and you can never be called an engineer if you haven’t flunked at least once.Failed
  13. Travel- around with your buddies, it would probably be the best memoirs of your life.403502_10150705857876027_725073703_n
  14. Maggi- Survive on it for weeks.IMG_0837
  15. Try everything once.Don’t care; be crazy!large
  16. Appreciate- people and things. When college ends, you’d give utmost respect to very minute things like TV, time with parents and friends, cars etc.41602645_1377873417
  17. Friends- by the end you’d realise that those who have stayed shall stay forever so hold them tight.

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