We do crazy things when drunk, especially if one has the freedom of Manipal. There are stories that go around the college every Sunday about what and who did the wild. Read on to know how hilarious a person gets when he is too drunk. These are about a friend I know. He rarely drinks but when he does, it always makes an ultimate story. Let us call him ‘V’.

The Hungry Bewda-

There was a party at Big Boss that started in the evening. V decided to drink that day. He must have had around 250ml whiskey when he decided to get a smoke from outside. No one sees him after that and his friends start to panic. After about an hour of searching in every possible ditch, a friend of V finally confirms his presence in ninth block. Now when everyone asked V what had happened he had a brilliant story to tell.-

“I decided that I was too drunk to drink more. I left for hostel via the back road (Behind 17 block). There was a car that charged for me or so I thought, so I jumped in the bushes beside me.  I was feeling very hungry. I was still in the bushes so I took some leaves and ate them. I stumbled along the Timmy Anna road then. When I finally got to Timmy Anna, I hugged him. I also thanked him for providing everyone with Suttas in the middle of the night.”

SOS WhatsApp-

It was the photo-shoot day for the branch. The shoot had finished by the afternoon so the class hit New DT (I hope it’s spelt like that). By 3:00pm most of the students were tipsy. V again was missing and his friends realised this at around four in the evening. When they took out their phones to call him, there were messages on their Whatsapp. The messages were from V. He had sent pictures of the place he was at (he had no clue where). He was almost passed out and had asked his friends to rescue him. After a few hours of searching, he was finally found.

This time in tears he says, “I was chased by a bull, I love you guys, you saved my life.” He later also reveals that he had punched a random drunk guy who tried to take his money as well.

Hangover was just a movie; in real life Manipal gives you better stories. If you have some of your own, please share; otherwise keep surfing here, there will surely be more.


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