I have the domain Subtlewords.com for about two years now. I used to dominantly write poetry with the occasional article. My views were never much. As wordpress.com does not allow 3rd party ads, I applied for the newly launched Wordads. I never noticed that my request had been accepted until a few months after it. I never paid much attention to blogging actively until lately, hence did not care for the earnings. This year I decided to blog with conviction; I have been writing roughly an article every alternate day now.

My views in January were around 19,000. Now going by the general scenarios, I expected a decent Wordads income. Alas! That was not the case- 19,000 views, 4300 impression= $2.77. I had been using the twenty fourteen theme and had not chosen the ‘Show additional ads’ option in WordAds, thus only ads below each post is shown. This month (from 9th) I shifted to The Expound theme and also enabled the additional ads. I hope to get 20,000 views this month as well. I am hoping that if I do so, I’d get at least around $15 or I’d have to seriously contemplate about leaving wordpress.com. Now I could not find the views vs. impressions anywhere so have decided to upload mine. It shall give everyone some idea about the earnings. Also note my majority views come from India which is said to pay less! All the data is for ads without ‘Show additional ads’ option.


Monthly WordAds income
Monthly WordAds income
Monthly views
Monthly views


30 thoughts on “WordAds- Review- might not be worth it”
      1. I’m sick of their attitude towards everything and their police state of denying free speech on their posts. I am seriously contemplating taking my blog elsewhere at the moment

  1. The thing about the wordads is they pay more for impressions from Europe and USA. So, we Indian bloggers are not benefited much from it. Google adsense is best…

    1. True! I checked that on theeir website. The problem with my case was that impressions were nowhere comparable with views 5k vs 20k!!! I have enabled additional ads option let us see. I should have the report in a day or two for feb!

        1. Well WordPress is ambiguous about that. They don’t mind links in the posts and are generally not very strict with the affiliate policy as it is not exactly a per impression or per click thing. Affiliate pays very less (0 for me) as you get money only if the person buys a product. The procedure (does not work with all)-
          1. Register to an affiliate program.
          2. Obtain the link
          3. Add text box to sidebar
          4. Code (HTML) the pic to open your affiliate link in a new tab.

          I can make a full post on this (Coding and pics) if you want!

    1. If you host your domain without using wordpress with something like hostgator, you can use google adwords/adsense. But hosting would cost you around $100 extra every year.

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