I recently decided to learn something new and Android App programming seemed to be the best idea. Now as I had no coding background (A little bit of C++ years ago memories ago), I thought Google shall be my ally. So I downloaded eclipse and the necessary files; I could not go beyond displaying hello there!!! Being the lazy ass I am, I thought to myself someone must have created more interactive software for app making, something similar to what font page was to HTML. I searched a little and voila!!! MIT APP INVENTOR 2, those people are Massachusetts are geniuses.


First was the idea. My friend, founded Starksky and his first app, Great Leaders, was a decent hit. So I decided to go on the same lines and create ‘Great Musicians’, incorporate some music along with the written data.

MIT APP Inventor is a browser integrated software that offers a variety of features- from the general orientation related to activity starters such as opening web pages, putting background sounds, pictures, buttons etc. It is all drag and drop functions and hence very easy to learn. It took me just 2 weeks to make my first app (I am very lazy).


The apps are Google Play Ready and can very easily be put up. However putting up ads on the app is currently difficult with it being difficult to transfer to JAVA i.e. to run it through eclipse. Final Verdict- great software for a starter and non-coder.


  • Very easy to learn
  • No experience required
  • Simple drag and drop functions
  • Easy to use interface


  • Small refined tweaks are difficult
  • Ads implementation is difficult
  • 10 MB limit.

Further step by step tutorial shall be given about my first app on demand. Do share your views!!!

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