indexAlthough C&H defines it as Stockholm syndrome, beer is till date my favourite beverage (The monk is catching up though). There are many who prefer beer for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of mine-


  1. Won’t get you drunk– It is very difficult to drink enough to get yourself high on beer. Until a few years ago Beer was not even considered as an alcoholic drink in Russia.
  2. Quantity- It is always good to hear that you drank bottles of something.
  3. Types and Price- Take UB when the pocket is light or Corona when the wallet seems too heavy! You’d find thousands of different kinds of beer in the world.
  4. Taste- Once you develop one, there is no beverage that goes down better.
  5. Can be had during day time- in fact it tastes better during a hot day. No one drinks whiskey on a beach day!
  6. Looks badass- ever since we saw Steve Austin having his beer while entering the ring, we were intrigued by it. It somehow feels cool and manly to hold a pint/can of beer.austin
  7. Food tastes better- my dream getaway is on a hammock with beer and Tandoori chicken on a beach somewhere.
  8. Games- playing shot games with Vodka shall surely end the party soon. There is a reason it’s called beer pong and not rum pong.
  9. Weight- If you drink beer, you can always blame that ponch on it no matter how much your laziness is involved.
  10. Smell- I personally love the smell, breath included.

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