I am a Chelsea fan who started following football after I played EA Sports FIFA 09. I might not be the best to comment about teams in depth but this is what I think of the fans in India. I am biased! I believe Chelsea has the most interesting play and can take on any team. I support the Bus sometimes, think Mourinho is a genius and I am glad we have money!


United- These are the most prevalent fans in India. Now because the team is so famous and boasts of a glorious history, it is the easiest choice to support. They are also the most extreme fans. Often consisting of people who rarely watch football, united supporters (the ones who call it ManU) are the most belligerent in front of the TV. If they have the ball, they praise their attack, if they don’t they’d pat their defence. As the delusional ones keep ranting about how Moyes destroyed them, there is a set that has watched and followed this team for ages. They usually accept that Sir Feguson managed well but never left a good enough team. They are probably the only ones I as a Chelsea fan can discuss football with.

Arsenal- They are people who started watching football long back (Let’s face it; no one supports a team which does not win). They have a very attractive mid-field and the fans are usually found cribbing about the lack of money. Now this is one team whose fans are forced to dwell perpetually in the past. They find huge honour in finishing 4th and going out of UEFA at a respectable time. With the money they have, I don’t blame them, but it is oft tedious to discuss football with Arsenal fans as for me personally have been following the sport past 5-6 years only!

Liverpool- I have immense respect for any fan of Liverpool; to support your team through such a hard time. Their game, is probably the most attractive when it comes to BPL, if they play one can be sure to have tremendous pace. They haven’t been very vocal in football discussions past few years until recently. If they do speak, they generally give a very neutral view.

Barcelona- They have always been one of the best teams in football, have a beautiful style of play and can rarely be teased- Safe option again. Usually people who rarely get into arguments as their competition is not as fierce as the BPL. FC Barcelona makes for a good second team to support after your BPL pick! They have the money, they have their players and they have their style. They are never going to find their backs against the wall (Oh! Wait the Germans!)

Real Madrid- Always a star studded team. Always a brilliant attack but somehow manages to lose more than they should. As they always remain the strongest team on paper, the main argument against their fans (like City or Chelsea fans) is that they buy football. Nevertheless, it is a team with great history and fans range from plastic fans to fanatics!

Bayern or Dortmund- Don’t fuck with the Germans! They started two world wars and on the football field, still seem pissed for losing them. They have probably the best fans (especially Dortmund), have a very impressive play and lately have been showing results as well. They get into argument only over UEFA as… who the hell follows German football in here!!!

PSG- You support it for the stars!

Milannot a lot fans but the ones who are there are very passionate about the team. and very well informed. (Credits-Ishan Niket)

Inter, Juventus etc.- Look at me, I am so cool for supporting the vertical striped teams!!!

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12 thoughts on “The Indian Football Fans”
  1. Actually I know some people who started supporting arsenal because Ranbir Kapoor is an Arsenal fans 😛 #TakingADigAtArsenalFans #OnlyOneTeamInLondon

  2. Ah, nope. It is not difficult to have football discussions with an Arsenal fan. Most Arsenal fans are very objective, and also, I dont support the view that we give huge importance to the 4th place finish(every team knows its important).
    We want to win trophies, but we have also come to the terms with the fact that the club was unable to spend for financial reasons for the past few years. So we do not raise too much hue and cry over not being able to challenge the financial prowess of City or Chelsea. And this is seen as our “complacency”.
    You are right that most Arsenal fans started watching football early. I have been following Arsenal for 11 years now. And hence we are very, very loyal.
    Also, I for one, hugely dislike Mourinho. Not because of his footballing incompetence, but because of his antics on and off the field.

    1. I always maintain Mourinho is a dick! but is a genius as well!!! And regarding the discussions, I told you it is a personal one! Cos I haven’t been watching football since long and can’t talk that much history!

  3. I am curious how many of these “fans” have ever been to an Indian football league game(there is one, didn’t just make it up). I grew up supporting East Bengal, that is the only club I can relate or feel passionate about. There is nothing wrong in watching or following international football(every lover of the sport must). However, to get all crazy or get offensive over a club to which you have ZERO connection, borders on delusional and band-wagoning.

    1. Haha!! was waiting for someone to say this! I didn’t understand the United fans running after me when I would shout in my college TV room “United Sucks!!!” I mean come on, it is a club in England!!!!

  4. Interestingly there are Indian Bayern Munich fans who support the team just for the heck of being a fan of some football club but avoid any discussion with opposing fans and most importantly updating facebook status when they annihilate some top team . Or maybe the find pronouncing Schweinsteiger amusing. They come out of their closets only at the time of Champions League semis and havent watched a single league match.

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