When I started reading Deathly Hallows, I had already known the secret of Snape (I got the book ten days after the launch). There were rumours surrounding the mill before the launch that J.K. Rowling shall kill off the boy who lived. I found the concept very intriguing (the scarred boy wasn’t my favourite character). However, when I learnt that Rowling gave into the fans demands and let him live, I wanted to see how!


I did not particularly love the final book, sans the fight off course but was most critical of the death of the Voldemort inside Harry. It took a weak save from Rowling to save him- he accepted death!!! It was later learnt that Rowling had also planned to kill another of the three when she was ‘in a dark place’. She chose to rise and give the audience an ending a children’s book deserved, an ending a fairytale deserves, an ending which the audience wanted to see. I would have preferred the other ending but could make my peace with that as well.  A similar situation was probably faced by How I Met Your Mother writers. They did not choose the audience nor did they choose reality, they chose to dangle in between!

There was a huge set of people (myself included) who rooted for Robin and Ted to be together till the penultimate season- I had wished that the mother just gives birth and Robin shall be  the surrogate! They created an excruciatingly painful (drab) final season just to convince that set of people that Robin and Ted could never be together, that Barney and her were far better; I had made my peace with it before the finale. Writers love to ruffle emotions in a finale, but such chaos can only be pulled off by George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones). If the writers thought that they did the ‘sweet’ thing by bringing the Robin and Ted together, they were atrociously wrong. I would like to believe that there is sanctity to the institute of marriage. Ted was the crazy, creepy, over-caring guy but was always honourable. The honour was taken apart. There was a reason Harry didn’t kill him with the killing curse, no matter how badly everyone wanted to see it!

J.K. did not kill off Ron, she just let him live, marry off and live happily ever after. Barney was our Ron, at least when it comes to the amount of love and importance we gave both. HIMYM did not just destroy Barney, they blatantly ignored him as well, imagine Ronald Weasley being killed off in the great battle in a couple of paragraphs by Malfoy! We loved every one of those five (the mother was a formality in the end). They took each and corrupted their characters to the shallowest level in 40 minutes, probably to hide under the parasol of the ‘REALITY’ tag!!!

I know it sometimes seems appealing but darkness isn’t meant for every story! You do not play with an audience just because you can. The only thing perfect about the HIMYM ending was probably its launch date (Most saw it on April 1). Writers of HIMYM, if you are ever get to read this, please Oh! Please kill yourself!!!

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