“What is your career plan?”

“Honestly Sir, I do not know. I think I’ll work for two years and then do an MBA.”

“Let us turn the tables. Here is a guy who does not know what he wants to do with his life. Why should I select you?”

“Because I have good credentials.”

He held my resume in front of himself and said mockingly, “6.3 CGPA and you claim good credentials???”

I flipped, and replied truculently- “Sir, I am not stupid. I have more technical papers than the average nine pointer, have business plans, have a certificate from IIM, was the Ed in Chief for a website, have spent my college life on stage and sing very well. What more do you want from me?”

He just smiled and said that he wanted to see my reaction. I joined the Sales and Marketing team of Think and Learn Private Ltd. (BYJU’S Classes) the following Tuesday. I was a little apprehensive at first as I wasn’t a big fan of the company. I had blanked out in the GD the first time they came for placements (Spent the afternoon crying after Sachin’s retirement, while missing a chance to watch it in Wankhede). My parents took some convincing as well, as I chose it above TCS.

The good thing about working in a start-up is that you learn many things very fast. Within the first month, I learnt about CRM which typically takes in 3-4 months in companies like TCS. I knew what, when and how to say things, got acquainted with the corporate culture and could even manage an accounts sheet (still has some glitches). The fact that majority of the office is filled with your college batch mates and that your seniors and their seniors are all Mighty MITians, helps a great deal to keep the office environment chilled out (They understand that MITians need different kinds of refueling breaks).

Run by a small town chap from Kerala with an almost unrealistic optimism, one could see that he trusted his methods without doubt. An entire educational firm being run on just his unique methods of teaching sounds like a pretty plausible feat. And they are all sustainable! Remember the few teachers we always wished who could teach us all the subjects throughout our academic life? Well, Byju Raveendran comes very close to the same. Two teachers for the entire CAT course- him and the humble genius who makes you feel worthless if you do not plan to do post graduation (attend his first class and you’d know what I’m talking about) – Santosh P.N. He gives mathematical formulae for Reading comprehensions!!!

I never attended BYJU’S Classes when in college as the high school disaster with coaching institutes still lingered. People gave me all kind of reviews, all of which eventually boiled down to one of the more obvious conclusions, ‘You need to put in more effort than an average institute’. A cricket ball only reverses after being worked upon an entire session.  Santosh Sir always points out- getting the 99 percentile is just the first step towards your Managerial degree; he wants his students to prepare for the degree as well. Byju Sir would teach one method and then interpolate to ten others. One of my reporting managers once told me, “After BYJU Sir’s session the enrolments generally double; he has a knack of mesmerising the crowd.” These guys are always looking for more convenient methods of teaching and incorporate technology very well.

A year back, two teachers ran a score of centers through V-Satellites lectures. Today, the same two teachers have managed to take it to the next level, providing the same to thousands of students using Tablets. You see investors storming in every week, new methods for customer engagement, advertisements in theatres and newspapers and what not!!! And of course, the infinite travel across the country (even though there is a lot of work, we do get Saturday nights to chill in every city).

Too much??? Well okay, enough of going gaga over the company then. I just hope my bosses read this and I get a piece of the cake as well 😉     Ciao!!

For all the people asking about work-life balance, I am now part of a firm (All Byju’s Employees) that does freelance Design work on the side as well. Check us out:  Design Crescendo

I have launched an illustrated poetry book designed by Design Crescendo. Hope you guys can get a copy and review it. 

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  1. Once I join think and learn, will i surely get sales and marketing? Because i dont want anuthing other than it. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey recently Think and learn came for campus placement in my college and I got selected for BDA.
    So are you a BDA too? and if yes can you please tell me what kind of work you do there and hows the working environment there?
    I am a computer science student and I am really confused whether to take up the offer or not.

    1. Yes, I worked in the Sales department for a year before shifting to marketing. The BDA profile mainly contains B2C sales. You shall be required to call up potential students for our course. Eventually as you find your niche in the company, you shall have more managerial responsibilities and shall be given a team. The learning curve is very good. Nutshell- Want a tech job- don’t come. Want to do management eventually- Welcome to the company.

  3. Think and Learn is coming to our college as well,, so i was just wondering where do they usually place you like Bangalore or where??

  4. Think and learn is coming to our college..can anyone plss tell me what kind of questions they r asking..n what is the level of gd they r taking??

      1. Hey Prannay,
        Wanted to ask you something, regarding the internship offer. ihave received the email from Byjus Classes, it stated 3 months internship. so what about the conversion to a permanent employee? How would that play out?

  5. Think and learn is coming to my college as well i want to know some guidelines to crack the gd nd interview

  6. Hi i got interview call letter for BDA . i need to know wat is the salary package for BDA … can u able to help me out in this . Will i get any opportunity in software field in BYJU’s

  7. i just got placed.. i have two questions
    1)does 6 lpa mean i get 50000 per month?
    2)if there is a possibility of becoming a faculty, is it better than sales and marketing?

  8. I got selected in think and learn for BDA profile.. But, still they didnt disclose the salary package.. How much package can i ask or how much usually they give?? What will be my average take home??

  9. My son has been shortlisted in campus by Think and learn. I would like to know about future growth if he continue work for this company

    1. Sir
      I believe your son is selected for the BDA profile. He shall start in the sales department and would do B2C sales. Later he shall be given a team to handle as new recruits come in. Hope to see your son with us soon 🙂

  10. Heyy prannay….my name is Shubham Pandey , final year btech student at SRM UNIV, CHENNAI…..i hv already been placed in cognisant..hwever yesterday i went for think & learn…and made it through…i hv a offer in my hand and the designation is BDA.
    Two things if u can guide me through plzz i will grateful to u.
    first is that will it be a good decision of choosing think & learn over CTS(package is 3.4L).
    and as the company has provided the compensation as 4-6 L in the circular…..so wht should i expect hw much will i be getting in my hand or if u hv any payletter or something…..its a very crucial decision kindly help me to get through this

    1. In hand= 30k/month. Year end bonus of 2L depending on your review. Incentives also come into play. I would suggest to take T&L over Cognizant. You learn and earn more. Welcome! 🙂

  11. Hi again Pranay. One more thing. Generally how long does it take to get an offer letter or a letter of intent. It has been nearly a month and I have not received it.

  12. Hi Pranay. One more thing. Generally how long does it take to get an offer letter or a letter of intent. It has been nearly a month and I have not received it.

  13. hey! i recently got placed in Think & Learn. I have two queries.
    1: I didnt got my offer letter yet.
    2: Is 6 lac in hand and if not how much will be the minimum(approx)?

  14. Hello,
    My name is Fayaz Rahman.
    Enjoyed reading your post!
    Ive been placed in Think&Learn, Id love to know how the work-life is ?

    Also the internship scene.. Whether its training or something along those lines? Is it going to be paid (6LPA)?

  15. Hey prannay! Nice reading your blog.
    I have been selected as a BDA at think and learn pvt limited. But still we haven’t recieved any offer letter,its been a month or so! And our joining is from jan!
    And secondly,are we asked for preferences as to where we would like to join or is it allotted randomly?

      1. Hey…I m very much passionate about sales..I also have more than 1 year of expierence in Tech Support …its U.S. Based process….I m in final year of my engineering … Think and learn is visiting our campus on October …..I love BDA profile…..
        What best I can do to prepare myself..??
        Name : Davinder Tanwar
        College : Amity

  16. think & learn co. is coming for the campus recruitment. as i belong to the mca stream . so please can u help me how shud i prepare for the online test. on which suject i shud stress more. and prep for interview too.

    1. buddy,no need to prepare for any particular subject…just have some confidence in gd round as they select only those who speaks out their mind..be articulate…. and the PI round will be basically a stress interview round..they gonna check that how confident you are and why you want to join this company….no need to prepare any technical stuff…good luck.

  17. hi your blog is really intriguing and talks knowledge
    i have few queries hope you will help me with them
    i recently got placed in think learn as a BDA but i got to hear from people that many companies recruit students at mass level but then during training period fire maximum students and just keep few students for full time job . Is this the case with think and learn also ?
    hoping for an hosnest reply .

  18. Hi, We had T&L recruitment drive in SRM UNIV, chennai OCT’2015. when will we getting the results, how will we be intimated

  19. hi prannay , i wanted to ask you that well i recently got placed in think and learn but did not receive any offer letter so far so when will i receive the letter
    also i wanted to know that i heard from people that companies that recruit large number of students fire many students during internship period and select very few for full time job . is this true with think and learn also?

  20. Hi pranay jha. Im from srm univetsity.
    Badicslly i have thrre queries
    1) some people have been saying that the placed list we got in srm university kattankullathur is just the students shortlisted for iternship and job isnt sure. Is this true ?
    2) when will the internship start? During the pre placement talk we were told that it will start from january, but now we have been hearing it starts from december. Is this true?
    3) is the training cumpolsory for he month of december because we also have exams then

  21. hi prannay i am from sharda university …. i recently got placed i would like to know that when will we receive the letters also i have heard that students have just been selected for the internship period , as your training gets over majority of students are told they are not fit for the company
    is this true ?
    hoping for an honest reply

  22. I have been selected for think and learn.Since my internship starts for DEC I want to know that since there is no bond what is job security

    1. The internship dates are still tentative. When it comes to job security, you shall be evaluated after your internship for conversion. You’d then be on probation for a couple of months and then shall become a permanent employee. In all scenarios, rejection rate is lesser than 10%, so don’t worry.

  23. Hi prannay.. Stoll no update from your side! We are waiting for our letters? Any idea as to how much time will it take?

  24. hi pranay, im from srm as well. i have been shortlisted for internship. i want to know how long will the internship be. what will be the pay during internship and does the company provide any accommodation ?

  25. hello again, we have been asked for willingness for the internship. previously we were unknown of the duration of the internship. a lot of us have a problem with the internship starting from december. we would be more than glad if the internship is after the completion of our course i.e from may/june. can anything be done about this? or can u suggest me to whom i can contact about this issue?

  26. Hi prannay, recently got selected for bda profile on campus. Few queries regarding it-
    1. All are selected for internship offer ( about 160 from srm). Could you please elaborate about the conversion factor. Is it yet again a process to eliminate or like a training programme.
    2. About job security. I currently have four other assured offers. I don’t wanna take a risk,considering my financial status.

    1. 1. Above 90% conversion. It is more of a training process rather than elimination. Unless you really suck at your work, you are fine.
      2. Firing is a rarity in the BDA profile.

  27. Hi pranay,
    I’m from SRM university and have been selected for the post of BDA from the campus. Actually I had a few doubts in my mind, if you could clear those. One being, we were told that the recruitment is for I and P+I basis both but then the list that came out did not clearly specify as to which section does one belong too, is there any way one could get to know where one stands? And the other, it was always maintained that the internship will start in the month of jan but all of a sudden we got to know that it’ll probably be from december. There hasn’t been any official announcement by the company regarding the same, what is the situation about that? If only you could clarify both the points as ones future course of action will vary according to the clarification given by you.
    I’ve been trying to comment on this blog for a while now, but somehow it’s not accepting it.

    1. Hey Aishwarya. Regarding the P+I details, please contact your placement department as we have given them the list. The Internship time is still not fixed. We are trying to bring in the new recruits in an orderly manner. Most probably SRM is looking at something close to 20th Dec.

  28. Hello Pranay!
    I have read few reviews about T&L on Glassdoor website and they were very, well how should I put it , maybe against it. Because working is like 12hrs a day with 6 days in a week with lots of target to be achieved. Employees are not treated well.
    So would you suggest me to join this company if I am an enthusiast for marketing and creating field?

    1. I love working. Sales is typically 9hr/day. Product Development can be upto 12 due to deadlines. BTW the entire PD team is on a company sponsored Goa trip right now! Your choice 🙂

  29. Hello Prannay,
    I have recently got an internship for BDA profile .I have a doubt in my mind regarding this. Like being a computer science student, is it okay to join it or not like the future scope ??

      1. Hi prannay.
        I have two questions.
        1.Will I get time to prepare for MBA exams, as it’s a hectic job schedule.

        2. If I can’t do MBA and if I’m leaving byjus company after 2/3 years (let’s say if I have been promoted as a BD manager) wt will be my opportunities in marketing career without MBA especially what kind of company and salary will I get?

        Please clarify my doubts sir

  30. Hello prannay!
    Since you are the employee of think and learn, i need to clarify one thing. I have been offered internship + placement. So is it compulsory for me to attend the internship as during this time my college will be working. Will appreciate the help.


        1. Hey prannay! Sorry but please can u tell be when we will be. Informed about our results because it has been a long time ..no results A.E.C agra

  32. Hello! Nice blog 🙂
    I’m from Amity University Noida..placed for BDA..could you please tell till when are are we going to receive our offer letter?

      1. Hey! I’m from Amity as well.Could u please clear us on what exactly the package division is? Is it 5+1 or 4+2 for us.

  33. Hi
    I have been recently placed in think and learn and i am from VIT Vellore. Recruitment process took place a month back but we havent recieved any offer letter yet. Please convey as to when can we expect the same. Thank you

  34. Hey prannay, i m selected as an intern in BD profile in campus hiring n i m from lpu. I m doing MCA, since this BD profile is too new to me, i want to know abt the job roles as an intern, approx date of joining, and if there is any field work involved.

  35. i have been selected for technical internship..so will it involve some project that we can show to University…job profile told was bda…explain the internship process
    i am an Ece student from Manipal Jaipur

      1. can u tell me about working hours during internship…and about the place around company where we will work..how is the company’s office.. actually i have never been to bangalore…it will be my first visit… btw im from mumbai…so will i like it??

  36. Hey prannay
    M stu frm srm n placed in t&l
    I would like to knw from when will our internship start ?
    I am asking this again bcz previously in your comments you have mentioned that our internship will b conducted aftr our xams gt over bt due to heavy rain it has been postponed to jan & if internship is gona b at dec end then will we be bck for our xams again aftr one week or so of our internship?

  37. Hey there, first of all brilliant article there. Well, I recently got placed (I+P) at Think & Learn from Manipal University Jaipur. I wanted to know few question about the company-

    1. What will be the working hours for Interns as well as when I will go full time.
    2. Since I have both internship and placement, people were saying they might pull my placement offer if I dont perform during my internship. True?
    3. We were told during the internship we will be also given a technical project for us to show at our University. True?
    4. The salary mentioned in our JD was 6.1lpa…How much will we receive in-hand?
    5. And man am dying to see the images of Think & Learn office, tried a lot online but could not find even a single image. Can you show any?

  38. HI,
    I am from VIT University, Vellore and I would like to apply for an off-campus internship in Think And Learn. I mailed my resume to both the e-mail ids you provided but due to huge traffic load on those ids my mails are not going through. So please help me with it and provide an alternate solution. Thanks.

  39. Hi,
    I have got an offer letter for Businesss Development Associate in Think &Learn
    so what exactly is the work of an BDA..? Is this any kind of bpo work
    And the salary package given is around 5-12 LAP..
    How much could we expect per month excluding all other incentives..?

  40. Hey I read some reviews on Glassdoor. Its seems the employees do not have much fun there? Is there no work-life balance? Do we have to work 12 hours a day? I also read sundays are not off so is it a 7-day a week schedule? I am confused. I am ready to work my ass off but what’s the use of living in Bangalore if you can’t go to any pubs given the 12-hour 7-day a week schedule.. Please help.

  41. Hi sir
    I am placed from Sharda University, for BDA but we haven’t received any offer letter till now, so i’ll be thankful if you let me know, in how much time i’ll receive offer letter and where my internship will be..?

  42. Hii prannay! Please give us a bit of a detail bout the activities hosted by the company? Like day outs,parties,trips? I have heard alot bout think and learn. Really looking forward to join you guys! Cant wait for Jan!

  43. Hi Pranay We have Company Placement very recently and I am an B.Tech Engineer Could u Please suggest a few GD topics which are generally asked it would be very helpful.
    Are topics on current affairs also given as GD topic.?
    Thank You.

  44. Hi,
    I asked you the other day that mails are not going through on the 2 e-mail ids you provided and then you provided an alternate id. But that Id does not exist and the problem still persists. Can you please help me with it or can I submit my resume in person in Think And Learn? Thanks.

  45. I am from VIT University vellore and we have got offers for full time and internship here this october.We did not get our offer letters/letter of internships till now…. whereas the manipal people have started getting it.When do we tentatively get that and in January will it start immediately?Does the company provide any temporary accomodation in bangalore for a week at least?And the internship will be in the Koramangla office opposite to forum mall?

  46. Hi prannay,
    I am SRM university and I am placed in Think and learn .But till now I did not got any mails and calls regarding the Internship and I got information that for us internship is from December so can u pls tell me when will we get letter regarding internship and pls do tell tentative date of internship and also about the student who got job offer and the internship offer since we got only a single list stating the list of candidate placed in Think and Learn. Non of my friends also got any mails/calls about offer. pls hlp us 🙂

  47. hey prannay! thank you for being so responsive.
    i got a placement + internship offer from think and learn. is it possible for us to pursue our internship somewhere else and then join you guys after the completion of our final semester? (our university insists on us joining a core industry for the 4 month internship )

  48. Hi,
    I asked you the other day that mails are not going through on the 2 e-mail ids you provided and then you provided an alternate id. But that Id does not exist. Is there any other way I can send my CV to apply for an internship? I’m sorry but its really urgent.

  49. hello sir
    I am from SRM,can you just tell when we will get mails or calls from the T & L . pls post a tentative date for internship and the list which we got from T&L is of internship only or the full time job offer? Pls We are confused a lot.

  50. Sir ,
    Am from SRM University , I have received the list regarding I and P+I. I got selected for Internship position , am worried and tensed about getting final offer after internship. would there be a 100% chance of getting final offer or I should look forward for other companies ?? Since i don’t want to take risk because am in great need of a job . I will be very thankful for your concern.

  51. hey pranay..
    i am from sikkim manipal institute of technology
    i got an internship offer in think and learn from my campus drive but havnt heard anything from them yet..
    what should i expect.?

  52. hi sir
    jst a simple question !!
    i am from SRM and the list which we got from T&L is of I or p+I . since we did not separate list . Is it mixed or is there any different list?

  53. Hey prannay. Only 26 children are selected from sharda university and we have just got a single list not mentioning i and p+i. Whats the scene with us?

      1. The tnp cell of our college (sharda uni) says they have got only a single list from you guys! Are we in the i category or p+i category?

      2. hi pranay
        wat is the difference between i and i+p because as u told in your previous comments that all are going to be evaluated

      3. hi prannay
        i wanted to know about the working time as in its in the morning or at night.
        And wat about the leaves that we get and we can take during internship and a full time job

  54. hello. Thank you soo much pranay for answwering all our queries.
    im from Amity University noida and have been placed for BDA profile.Our college is not interested to let us go in between the semester for internship i.e january. Is it possible that we can join after our semesters end that is june? The status of permission from college is uncertain right now. Could anything be done about it or any concerned person we students can talk to.
    Please specify the duration of internship!

    1. 4-6 month internship depending on conversion. As far as I know, Amity agreed to send their students for internship. No, you won’t be allowed to join if you skip 8th sem internship here.

      1. hi prannay
        i am a student of srm university
        we got a list of 103 people out of which 30 are i+p
        i got an internship offer and u mentioned in ur previous comments that conversion rate is close to 90%
        so will think n learn actually take more people apart from those 30?
        i want ur frank opinion about possibilities of getting a full time job for a student selected only for an internship
        please help me out on this
        thank you

          1. pakka na yar?
            Agar job haath nahi lagi to ghar me band baj jayegi :/
            hope u understand ….

  55. I am from B C Roy Engg College, Durgapur WB.
    I appeared for PI on 27th Nov..
    Could you please tell me When and how the results will be announced??
    I heard that it will be announced on Monday (today) but till now no information regarding that..
    Pls help..

  56. when will the internship start as we have our exams in december and i will pass out in may 2016 also is it a calling profile for BDA ?

  57. Hey Prannay. I am from Regent Education & Research Foundation, Kolkata. I attended the campus recruitment of Think and Learn on 27th and 28th of November. I would like to know, when will we get the final selection list.
    please Reply ASAP

      1. hi prannay
        i have got an offer for internship.. if i attend it den i ll be missing out on placements going in our cllg
        so is der a scope for job after internship?

  58. Hey prannay can u provide, if not the exact area and date of starting, a tentative area of office and date of starting. This is because we can start booking tickets and see flats and rooms in that area.

      1. hey prannay,
        i am from anand college of engg, agra, and our college agreed to send us for internship in march, will that be fine or is it that we have to join in as our 7 sem exams get over i.e in january?
        and how long will the internship last if we join for internship in march?
        in which month can we expect the final joining?

  59. I would like to know these things
    1. What is the conversion rate for internship program ?
    2. On which basis is an intern evaluated for conversion?

  60. hey Prannay,
    im a student of Amity University Noida. im placed in T&L. i have two queries-
    1. Havent received any call or offer letter as yet. wht will be the duration of internship?
    2. Our college doesnt have any provision regarding going for internship in the final year by missing classes. What help can the company doo regarding this. can any kind of relaxation be done in this regard.

  61. Hiii Pranay…
    I also got placed in Think & Learn… Got many of my queries solved through your post and comments… I sat for a pool campus in Regent Education & Research Foundation, Kolkata… We got out final results on 1st Dec …Can you please say how long its gonna take for the offer letter to come…coz they said we would have to join this jan……

  62. Hii pranay

    I also got placed in Think & Learn… Got many of my queries solved through your post and comments…I sat for a pool campus in Regent Education & Research Foundation, Kolkata.. Can you please tell me,does the company pay for relocating to bangalore?

  63. Hi Pranay,
    Got placed in Think & Learn recently. I am from Kolkata and was just wondering if the company provides any travelling allowance for the candidates joining (i.e from Kolkata to Bangalore)?

      1. ok sir but placement dept say that 2 dec 2015 placement result not declare by think & learn. so please tell us result is declared or not please tell us.

      2. hello sir
        as u mentioned the conversion rate is quite high.But there a lot of students coming for internship.
        so will u actually take these many? i m telling this wrt a guy selected only for internship becoz i m worried about my placement

          1. lol the whole internship wala crowd is dependent oly on this statement of yours :’)
            btw now my new doubt is will we get our salary on time ‘:D 😉

  64. Hello, Sir,
    I got Internship + Placement in Thinknandlearn Campus drive in Kolkata.
    I want to know whats the difference between internship and internship+placement.
    And my college authorities said I will have to join B’lore on 28th Dec.
    But thinkandlearn haven’t send any offer letter as of yet.
    Will they ask to join in such a short notice?

      1. Hey Prannay, Ive been selected for the Internship through a campus drive held in Cochin, Kerala. Ive received the offer letter, but i have an issue.
        One of my exams has been postponed to a date which is a week prior to the date of joining and I have one more the same week as well.
        Is it possible to sanction leaves?
        Or could extend the date of joining?

        I had sent an email regarding the issue, as told by the office when I called. Haven’t received any reply.

        I apologise that im bothering you, i mean seeing the amount of comments u get on your post everyday
        Please revert soon.
        Thankyou so much

          1. My date was given as 13th June. But due to the postponing of my university exams i want to know what can be done.
            I have sent the mail they haven’t replied yet.

          2. Alright Sir, forgive me for being a lil doubtful, so if i don’t get a mail i can join later like you said.
            But I have an exam on the 20th actually. Would the very next day suffice?
            So leaves are a no go?

          3. Sir, Okay so if i dont recieve an email , i come on 21st. ?
            Or i come on 21st either wayy,cause I’ve to book the tickets and stuff.

  65. We got a letter stating that our joining’s from 4th jan! But still we havent got any letter of content? Can you tell us approximately when will we recieve one?

      1. Okay! And what bout the offer letter you were talking bout as a mail? Still havent got any info regarding where our joining will be! Can you tell us when will we recieve one?

  66. I have been selected as a intern( bda) in think and learn .since it is a non- technical area so for our final year projects can we get some technical project so that we can to our college ?

  67. Hello Sir,
    I got selected for internship+placement from Amity University Uttar Pradesh drive. We have been informed that the joining date is during the 1st week of January, but, as our last semester will end by the last week of January, could our joining dates be postponed to 1st February?

      1. Thank you so much.
        So, how do I make it official, as the offer letter, which we would receive, would contain dates from January? So will that be valid if we join from February as well, or would we need a letter stating dates from February?

  68. Hey prannay ..I got placed from Kolkata pool campus. U told we will b receiving r offer letter by 20th could dt b made a bit early bcz there r lots…nd lots of formalities to b completed in cllg…nd r semstr xams r ending by 17th ..so it will b difficult 4 us …Just need a favour if possible… 🙂

  69. hello sir,
    I am from Manipal University Jaipur and i got the I+P offer from Think and Learn.
    I have few doubts regarding think and learn’s placement.
    1. Our university was asked to send the preference of the students for internship as in when do they want to start their internship in January or in June. I gave my preference January as when the preference was asked i had no technical internship in hand but just yesterday i.e 11/12/2016 i got a confirmation from the company i wanted to do my technical internship but i want to join Think and Learn only.
    So my doubt it is it possible to change my preference from January to June now so that i do the technical internship from other company for 4 months and join think and learn from June? whom do i contact for changing the same?
    2. We still have not got the offer letter from Think and Learn when do we expect it?
    3. Where will be our office for internship as well as placement?
    4. If I start my internship from June what will be the procedure? How long internship will take place?

    1. 1. Not possible. Internship from Jan compulsory.
      2. You would get a mail within a week.
      3. Dairy Signal Koramangala.
      4. You can’t start your internship from June.

      1. hello sir
        i m from srm university
        R der any prep we need to do before the internship?
        i have been selected only for internship so i m worried about getting a job
        Lot of people r coming over der.. so will u actually take these many?

  70. Hello Sir,
    You recently said that joining from February for the internship is possible, with respect to my previous query. So, how do I make it official, as the offer letter, which we would receive, would contain dates from January? So will that be valid if we join from February as well, or would we need a letter stating dates from February?

  71. hello sir!
    After completion of training, will we be posted in bangalore only or by our choice of location? Like delhi etc
    please do comment

    1. Prannay i have some doubts? 1. when will we recieve our offer letters? Im from sharda.
      2. Is it surely Bengaluru?
      3. Any idea when is the internship going to start?

  72. Prannay i have some doubts? 1. when will we recieve our offer letters? Im from sharda.
    2. Is it surely Bengaluru?
    3. Any idea when is the internship going to start?

  73. hey prannay,
    nice blog (y)
    Well i am a student of srm university
    It has been a long time since the results have been announced and there has been not even a single mail from the company’s side regarding internship to us
    Our exams are getting over by 19th of jan so when can we expect our internship to start from ?
    And when will we receive the mail regarding the same?

  74. HELLO PRANAY. i have been selected for the BDA profile from CGC, Chandigarh and the joining date given to us is 4th of jan”16,Bengaluru , so couple of queries to ask, please consider these queries…

    1.>Can I shift the date from jan to june almost., couple of projects and exams I have to clear up in mid jan and mid feb .
    I would be obliged if the same is extended to 10th of march. Is it possible ? Really want to join but from march at-least.

    2.> What would be the average conversion rate for the interns to a placed one after 6th month and what would be the in-hand training stipend ?

    3.> What about the PENALTY BONDS during training or after and Does the company provide accommodation facility for the new comers for some time till they find their places ?

    waiting for the queries to be cleared.

  75. Hello pranav
    This is Akhil Arora pursuing B.tech batch(2012-16) from Manav Rachna International University
    i got selected in campus recruitment by T&H for internship in BDA profile but have not received the offer letter yet. when it was asked from placement cell they informed that company will send it on their own .kindly tell when i would receive the letter and what would be my job location and stipend.

          1. what would be the job location after the internship . Will it be negotiable or as per you guys Bangalore itself.

  76. Thanks for sharing your experience Pranay.
    I am a student of Amity University and was selected for I+P as a BDA and as I am as B.Tech+M.tech(dual degree) student,and we have our final semester reserved for dissertation,I gave my consent for joining the Internship starting early January.Coming to the point of concern,a situation has arisen and due to personal reason I wont be able to join before the the last week of January.Are there provisions to allow me to do so?
    Please do reply.

      1. Hi I am from B C Roy Engg College, dgp.
        Got selected for BDA on Kolkata pool campus on 27th Nov.
        Results were out on 1st dec.
        Still not got the final offer/joining letter..
        When should I expect it as the joining us from 1st week Jan???

  77. Hi I am from B C Roy Engg College, dgp.
    Got selected for BDA on Kolkata pool campus on 27th Nov.
    Results were out on 1st dec.
    Our college directly confirmed our named to the company but Still not got the final offer/joining letter..
    When should I expect it as the joining is from 1st week of Jan???

  78. Thank you for selecting me for the profile of BDA in your company. I have been awarded both internship and placement.

    I received an offer letter, today, stating 28 December as our joining date.

    As our semester will conclude on the last week of January, I would humbly request you to please shift our joining dates to the 1st of February, or the 1st week of February, for which you said it was possible in my previous post.
    So, can you please guide me, as whom to approach, and make it official.

    Thank You,
    Siddharth Borkataky,
    Amity Institute of Biotechnology,
    Amity University Uttar Pradesh.

  79. Sir , I am a student of BIT MESRA, pursuing B.E in electrical and electronics engineering (2012 – 2016) batch, while Think and Learn was visiting our campus i was not allowed to sit for it by our placement cell due to certain rules and regulations. I want to apply for the post of B.D.A at think and learn or any other suitable post. Sir , can you please guide me on how to apply.

  80. Hi prannay,
    I got mail from Byjus asking to join me on 4th jan. I mailed back asking to postpone the joining date because of my exams, that will be ending in the last week of jan but didn’t get any reply from them. Plz tell me what should I do next regarding this

  81. Hi,

    I got placed at Think & Learn through the campus drive at SRM University. Does the internship include a technical project? If not we’ll have to do a separate technical project at our University.


  82. hi prannay
    i m a student of srm university.can u please let us know when our internship is starting?
    we need find pgs and make other arrangments

      1. Hi pranay, I am Sandeep from Srm as well. I didn’t receive any email or call from T&L yet. Will u give me some light on whether its 17th Jan or 17th Feb you were referring to? We have exams till 18th Jan.. Atleast I have them till 18th.. Not sure about other departments though. If the joining date’s near, I’ll speed up my search for stay. 🙂

  83. hello prannay
    i m from srm university
    can u let me know about the location so that we can make prior arrangments

  84. Hi pranay, im from srm and have been selected for internship. Our exams are ending on 19th. And when will the internship start exactly? We have not recieved any mails yet.

  85. Hey prannay,
    I am from SRM university and I just wanted to know if we would be provided with any accommodation during the internship? I know it’s been mentioned in the previous comments that it won’t be but then only recently I got to know from somewhere that some people are provided with one. So if you could clarify my doubt ASAP, I can start with the house hunting process.

  86. Sir/Mam,
    I am selected through campus recruitment program for “Internship” in Think & Learn. But few of my friends got “Internship + Placement”. So, basically I have few doubts.

    1) Does our good performance in Internship can ensure us permanent job in company or it’s just an internship program?

    2) What benefit do students under “Internship + Placement” have over students with only “Internship”?

    3) What about accommodation facility for interns?

  87. Hello Sir, this is yash lahoti and i am currently doing my B.E from BIT Mesra in electrical and electronics engineering and i am currently in my 8th semester. Sir can you guide me in how should i apply for the position of Business Development Associate in Think and Learn as i am very much interested in it. I was not allowed to sit for the on campus recruitment as because ff the college placement rules. I have a G.P.A of 7.43 till now and 87.5% and 89.5% in class 10 and 12 respectively.

  88. Hey Prannay
    Which bank is tied up with Think & Learn.
    I mean in which bank will our salary account be?
    Please reply asap.

  89. hie pranay…I am placed in T&L(Internship come Placement)..nd I was supposed to join in June as was mentioned in drive result. But yesterday many of us who were placed in that drive got the call and informed to join before 21. In our college there is no final semester training strategy. Nor the Colg would grant us NOC in such a short span of time as Its our academic semester. Moreover there is no mail from the company yet then how Can we plan to come on such a short notice. Kindly suggest me something.

  90. Hello sir,
    Am from SRM University, will be joining on 21st. I would like to ask what could be the exact work given to us ? Any prior preparation is required ? Since am from a ECE background.

    Thanking You

  91. hey pranay…I appreciate your quick response 🙂
    I am from Jmit Radur , Kurukshetra University. My college has been given a date as 27th January…But as per our University norms We have to attend full 8th sem i.e as such no internship during the last sem.
    And our college is trying to communicate to the company for the same through mails n calls as well. But they haven’t received any reverts from the mails. Can u plz just tell me that Is there any possibilty for extension till June If the college is trying so hard to convince the company. As We are left with very few days. Thankyou 🙂

  92. Hi Prannay i have recieved a call on 14th jan when they asked me to join on 21st bythe time i was not sure if i am allowed to leave college in last semester thereby they told me that they will contact my college for the same.On 15th i recieved another call and ask me the reason for not joining in jan and confirm if i can join in june.But today i got to know that some of my friends with different college and same university are joining in jan only. I was just confused if i was not allowed to go and they are joining though we have same university norms. Please assist me on this.
    Thanks in advance

  93. Hey Prannay, your blog is really helpful,I would like to know that I am selected for the internship and what are the chances of getting final offer as this time company is recruiting in mass and after how much time will I get to know that I will get the final offer or not..Please reply early as I have to join with in a week.

  94. Hey pranay thanks for the reply bu i was selected for the internship to join in june at the campus drive held at CGC chandigarh as it was mentionef in results,but it is my regular semester there is no possibility that i can join as the company is asking for so can i join in june because till now i did not receive any call or mail from the company directly i got to know from some of my friends that they have to join now

  95. hello pranay,
    i have been selected for the BDA profile on the 4th of feb at a recruitment drive here in kolkata,
    can you tell me the exact date of joining?

    1. may I know how did u get to know abt the recruitment process happening in kolkata ..I also want to join if any more recruitment from think & learn is taking place ..anywaz wat were the rounds u faced before getting selected

  96. I have received my offer letter from think and learn pvt Ltd and am asked to report at Bangalore IBC KA . Can you pls elaborate on the address of the report place?

  97. hello pranay
    i am from anand engineering college , agra. i need to know that when is our joining for internship program, and when we’ll be receiving the email from the company about the same…. coz we need to carry out some paper works and other formalities in college before we leave…also need to confirm our reservations.
    please reply ….thank you

  98. Hi Prannay !

    I’m a select from BIT Mesra . Would u please let me know about the peer group at think and learn . Do you have graduates from elite institutes such as IITs ? What would my designation and package be if I work in ur organisation for 3 years ?

    1. Couple of IITians, some IIM grads and many MIT Manipal, VIT, SRM etc grads. Growth depends on your performance. I am assistant manager after 1 year of work (40% hike last appraisal)

  99. hey hii!!! nice blog…got alot of info all thanx to u …this month think&learn is coming to my college for a placement drive (Kolkata)…selection procedure involve 1.aptitude test 2.GD 3. HR so lil worried about the first round which is aptitude test
    would u like to inform me which subject I shud more concentrate as to qualify in the aptitute test

      1. cat like will it be quant+verbal+logical or only verbal..am a B.Tech student neva sat for CAT so unaware…i have read several interview expiriences in glassdoor to which they have mention that there wasnt any aptitude test conducted there only GD &PI . Then why is it so they are now conducting an apti round test…really want to qualify for this company as they are coming on 26th feb for BDA profile

  100. Hey prannay..!! I’m a student from United group of institutions Allahabad,I want to know when will be the results of P.I. round will be out. Thank you.

  101. hey I just missed my campus recruitment today in kolkata due to some major problem can you please tell me when is the next drive company will conduct will let me know asap plss

  102. Hi Prannay
    I was selected in Think and Learn in october in Punjab when it came for the campus recruitment. Still i have not got the offer letter. It came with the package of 4+1. Can you please tell the location.

  103. Hello pranay im also a student from United group of intitution allahabad,
    We don’t have the results of interview round out yet.

  104. Hello Prannay
    I was recently selected for P+I (March) at Think and Learn during the pool drive conducted in Kochin,Kerala.I would like to know when would the offer letters be sent.

    Thank You

  105. Hi Prannay !

    If I remain in byju’s for an year …. How much in hand cash will I get ? . (Like exact figure out of 6lpa )

  106. Do you have any business analyst opportunity in your company ? Do you hire business development associates into such analyst job responsibilities? Like Business development analyst !!!

  107. We were told during the ppt that the internship is for 2 months . But in my offer letter it is mentioned as 6 months. How long is the internship exactly ?

  108. I was told that at think and learn, people at all levels including the managerial level’s job is to make calls to the customer. They term it as BPO . So is it true ? Does people have different responsibilities ?

    1. At the basic level you’ll start with b2c. Eventually you’ll have managerial responsibilities and move away from calling. We have various other ways of business but yeah b2c calling is the primary one right now.

  109. Hey Prannay, I’m a student of D J Sanghvi from Mumbai, our campus drive was back in October and the results were our pretty quick as well. But we haven’t received any update from Think and Learn after that. Should we expect the offer letter 45 days prior to the joining? Our college ends in June.

    Thank You.

  110. Sir, my joining is on 15th of March this year. Will I get transferred to Delhi office Think n learn as Delhi would be more convenient for me to work.

  111. Hey! I recently had my PI, and at the end the interviewer asked me if I wanted to add anything, and in trying to sell myself, I told him about a childhood incident where I bought stickers for Rs 1 each and sold them to my colleagues at Rs 10 each. But now I’m afraid he might think of it as unethical. I badly want this job. Can you just tell what you would’ve done if you were the interviewer? Thanks!

  112. I got the mail to join T&L and it reads letter of internship..
    Is it just a letter of internship or I am being called for internship now and will be told if its a p+i offer, later

  113. Hey, I’m a student of School Of Engineering CUSAT,the campus drive for T&L was back in October and my college ends towards the end of april.I did not receive any kind of follow up after that,should i be worrying?

  114. Hello Prannay,

    Hope you are doing fine.

    I recently came to know about Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd. I wish to apply for the post of BDA. I have previous experience of working for the BDA profile. I have already forwarded my CV at careers@thinkandlearn.in,
    hr@thinkandlearn.in. However I would wish to know a contact number at which I could discuss my profile with Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd. Please let me know the same. Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks and regards,

  115. Hi Prannay,
    Whats the difference in internship and internship + placement when the training period would be performance based for both and after that only they’ll get the final offer??


  116. Respected Sir,
    I am Gogula Jeevana, a final year B.Tech ECE student studying in Punjab. I got placed in Think & Learn pvt.ltd in the month of December 2015 during Off-Campus drive which was held at Chandigarh Group of colleges. I was selected for the designation Business Development Profile. When the result of selected students was declared, it said that my joining will be in the month of June. Since the result was declared, i did not get any information regarding my joining on behalf of the company. Can you please help me in solving this query? Can you please tell me the joining date? Sir, it would be a great help if you solve this query. Hoping for a solution. Thank You.!!

  117. I got selected for think and learn’s business development profile. I hv applied for 10 day training (summer school) by kings college london in strategic management. training is from 30 may to 10 june . My date of joining is said to be in may/june . Will i be permitted to attend that 10 day session … please reply as soon as possible as i have to pay my fee to secure my admission. I’ll be back to work from 11 june .

  118. Hey prannay I am from mumbai university,got placed in nov n have not received offer letter yet..joining is in june..can u provide, if not the exact date of starting, a tentative date of starting. This is because we can start booking tickets and see flats and rooms in that area.

  119. There was a placement process conducted in our college at Shah and anchor kuttcchi engineering college , mumbai on 2nd may. We were told results will be out in 2 days. We still haven’t received any response. Please help us with the same.

  120. Sir,it was a great experience reading ur blog!
    I got placed in think and learn Pvt Ltd and have a few queries:-
    1)are sat and Sunday off for interns or is it a Sunday and Monday?
    2)would this job of BDA be a solution to my dilemma of pursuing an MBA in distant future?
    3)From all the posts out there in sites like glassdoor…should I conclude that the work there is super hectic?
    Waiting patiently and eagerly for your reply:-)

  121. Hi pranay,this is rohan raj and i was selected for the internship in month of december in the drive held at chandigarh and according to results my joining is in june but till now i did not receive any mail from the organization neither a follow up ,please help me out ,i am very worried as i am really interested in this profile.please look into this issue.

  122. Hi prannay,
    Isha Bhamre here. I got an email today regarding the placement offer for think and learn as a BDA. And the joining date is 6th June. This offer letter came as a pleasant surprise and I would love to join but I have a query. I did not know whom to turn to or where to address this problem so I’m asking you. My exams are getting over on 30th may. And I’m going for a Himalayan trek by the Youth Hostel Association of India from 2nd June. And it’s for 9 days. I’ve already booked and paid the money for the same. Is there any possibility that my joining date can be delayed? Any help from your side would be appreciated. And If the joining is inevitable I am more than willing to join on June 6th. Just wanted to know if there is any possibility in this regard.
    Thank you.

  123. There was a placement process conducted in our college at Shah and anchor kuttcchi engineering college , mumbai on 2nd may. We were told results will be out in 2 days. We still haven’t received any response. Please help us with the same. Please reply , very worried

  124. Hi pranay, m from rajiv gandhi institute mumbai university and i was selected for the internship in month of November, according to results my joining is in june but till now i did not receive any mail from the organization neither a follow up ,please help me out ,i am very worried as i am really interested in this profile.

      1. Hi this is abishek . T&L came for campus recruitment last September and till now we haven’t received any mail or offer letter,they just Said us the results. Last week we got an info that our joining will be on 23rd of may and joining place is banglore . Should we wait for the offer letter or mail someone or ask my college to do something or anything else we can do?
        One more query. Is there any dress code and will we be given a temporary place to stay till we find house in banglore?

        1. You’ll get your offer letter after you join. No dress code as such. Shoes, Jeans/pant and a collared Tshirt/Shirt. No, we do not provide accommodation.

        2. I just got my offer letter. On my campus drive they never said about internship they said an 8 lpa package and they mentioned that no training will be given for u guys. I am from NIT jamshedpur and I got an offer letter for internship. I msged the hr and they r saying that u have to undergo internship to get the job offer. Y is it so.? Y r they confusing us?

      2. Hey prannay..I am from SRM University.I got selected in Think & Learn in Oct but didn’t go for internship in january as we got this willingness form in which we had this option of joining after completion of course.But i havent received any offer or mail from the company while others have received and their joining date was 6th of june..I am quite worried about that..

  125. Hi pranay…there was a placement process being conducted in ghaziabad hiet college..that was a pool campus held on 11 may,2016…so when we shall get the final selection result..?

  126. Hi prannay
    I m a student of Srm
    My friend filled my referral and I got a call saying I m selected
    My date of joining is June 6
    I got a call from byjus but till now I didn’t get any mail
    Please let me know wen ll I get it

  127. Hey. I recently attended think and learn’s off campus drive at ghaziabad -hi-tech college. Wanted to know when will the results be out for that? thanks in advance.

    1. Hey r u from which college….i was also selected for PI round…i m a student of Hitech , ghaziabad….just waiting for the result


  128. Hey Prannay, there was a pool campus drive held on 11 may at Hitech college,ghaziabad and its been around 10 days we did not get the results,please let us know when will we get it.

  129. Hello there. T&L recruited me last September. I am a M. tech student from NIT Jamshedpur. Didn’t receive any mail yet? Some of my colleague’s received their letter. what should i do? I’ve already waited a long for T&L to mail me at least one single mail regarding the joining or lets say even a “congratulation!” mail for that matter. What company does not revert to their recruits even once after recruitment. Please look into this whole enchilada of communication gap between between the company and its employees. I was excited about joining T&L once. Hope i wont receive the most awaited joining letter after i steer away my career to something else.

  130. Hey Pranay ,I got placed at think and learn in the pool campus drive held on 11 may at Hiet college,Ghaziabad and the results came on 23 may and my status is internship+placement,so can you tell me the expected joining date and when will I receive a confirmation from the organization
    hope for a quick response from you
    thank you

  131. Hey pranay,got placed in think and learn and received an email of joining on 6 june,but my semester exams are getting over on 3 june so require a week time as it would be quite difficult to relocate with in this time from delhi to bangalore. I have already dropped a mail yesterday regarding extension of my joining for a week .So will it be done?so that i can book my tickets accordingly,hoping for the positive reply.

      1. Thanks for the reply ,but just wanted to know that if i dont get a reply,would i require some official confirmation or u can send me some mail confirming the extension.,because that would be important for me in reporting date

          1. So it means,that as i have mailed my query that is sufficient ,reply from organization is not mandatory. I won’t face any problem if i join on 13 june without getting any official confirmation from organization regarding it.

          2. Same issue with me. I have mailed a few people and one of them replied asking for a tentative date of joining. Have mailed them. Hope will get a reply coz its too soon right now!

  132. Sir, I have received an internship offer letter and I am supposed to join on 6th june. Since, my semester exams will last till 3rd june, it is getting really difficult for me to be in bangalore on 6th. Is it possible to delay the joining date for a week ?

  133. I took part in think and learn recruitment drive that was held on 8th april in RERF college, kolkata. I had cleared the 1st round and went for the final round. Are the results of that particular drive out yet…???

      1. got the results and m selected. During the pre placement talk, we were told that the joining will be on 16th june…..but still I havent received any offer letter or any kind of official mail from the company. When can I expect that…???

  134. Hey Pranay,
    Am placed in think and Learn in the sales and marketing field this year. Can you please tell me about the working hours and the no. of days we have to work in a week. Also another doubt was there regarding the incentive thing, we were told a 5 l + 1 l variable. Is it exactly 1 or 2 lakh ?

  135. Respected Sir/Madam,
    I miss Priyanka S.Kolekar of Manjara Charitable Trust,Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology have been recruited to your company held on-campus on the month of October,2015 for which i have been placed.I have send necessary details to my college TPO but haven’t received my offer letter yet.Please send me the offer letter soon so that i can complete all documentary details.Please do at your earliest.

  136. hey pranay,i want to join think and learn..so wat is the procedure to get placed in company..actually i m from lucknow..i cannot move to banglore only for interview.so,can u conduct telephone interview?

  137. Hello!
    what are the required credentials for joining Think and Learn? Do they prefer other streams too regarding jobs?

  138. hello sir,
    i want to ask you something
    think and learn is coming for placement drive to our college after 15 days ,i have an overall aggregate percentage of 58.8 ..can i sit for the placement drive?
    as far as i believe i have the abilities to work at my best for this company but my aggrgate is bit low can i please?

  139. Hey pranay just got a news from my college placement cell that Think and Learn is coming for campus hiring, suddenly started surfing net to know about the company, came across your blog got a good idea thank you sir

  140. Hello prannay,

    Got selected for I P !!

    1)During ppt they said that we will b called during DECEMBER…is that coming december or DEC 2017 ??
    2)Can u please tell us about the incentives provided by the company !! 😉
    3)Based on our performance…coyld we expect promotions in Think & Learn ?? Or will it be based only on Seniority ?

  141. Hello prannay ,
    I am a b.tech guy.2 days ago ,think n learn organized a pool campus drive in our college ,i applied for it and got eliminated by them.So please tell me how can i go through for this company via off campusing.

  142. Hello prenay..
    we had a on campus placement drive of think & learn on 8 sept in Bengal college of engg. & technology durgapur..i was selected in the first round and appeared for the final round..we are anxiously waiting for the result to be announced..when will it come??

      1. Thanks for the information..may i know the tentataive dates for joining in think & learn..what will be the expected payscale during & after internship as we are informed regarding this was 5l+1l.

  143. Hey! I’ve sent my resume to the id’s you mentioned in your previous comments.
    Just wanted to know how long the process goes and
    how many what rounds do we have to attend?

  144. hello pranay,
    thnq for the offer of both P+II.But i am confused with two quiries that think and learn came to our campus with no eligibility criteria.I have 4 backlogs and they would be cleared by my semister end which will in april.Our college stated that we have to leave for internship in december.I am worried that would my graduation backlogs effect my carrer in T&L.Would i be fired after stepping into the placement if i was unable to clear my backlogs? please reply me

      1. hieee pranayjha sir. ..recently i had plcd in think n lrn..sir..with the offer of both intnshp nd plcmnt ..i am very good at marketing sir..but some of my frieds are saying that there will be no growth in marketing ..is that so?if not do we hav growth in ur company?so that i wil put my utmost efforts to make it high sir..plzz do suggest me sir..whetr techical is good or marketing wil be betr??

  145. Hello prenay..
    we had a on campus placement drive of think & learn on 22 sept in G H RAISONI COLLAGE OF ENGINEERING,NGPUR..i was selected in the first round and appeared for the final round..we are anxiously waiting for the result to be announced..when will it come??

  146. hieee pranayjha sir. ..
    I am btech (cs) graduate(2016 batch). working in renowned IT company having 4 month experience (java/database/technical as well as functional skills ). I want to join think and learn…..plz tell is there any apt role for me?

  147. Hey, Pranay
    There is a pool campus drive at UEM kolkata on 30th September 2016. I am a final year student at Btech in CSE. ALong with Btech students, MBA students are also allowed to sit for the interview. What i am asking is that is there any chance what so ever for Btech students to crack the interview while there are MBA students sitting alongside. I mean will the MBA students be given preference than Btech students?

  148. Hello pranay,
    I was placed in think and learn for both placement and intern as it visited our campus on September 1st .My query is when we would be called for the intern in Dec or Nov end?
    And many of my frnds from SRM university are pinging me that many people from that university who have been Offered with both P+I were also sent back jobless without any call letters after completion of their intern is that true? In that case how can u assure us from these type of spreading talks.Please reply me.

    1. Most probably Dec. You should understand that we are offering you a Sales profile that is a target based job. Failing to meet the targets consistently for 2-3 months shall result in termination irrespective of whether you are a permanent employee or intern. That said about 5-10% of total people joining were not offered full time employment (majority with internship only).

  149. bro i have got placed in byjus as an BDA in the campus drive that happened in my college 2 month ago , but i didnt get any offer letter still , intimating about this ..! May i know when will i get an offer letter..?

  150. hey pranay , i wanted to know how long is the internship period for BDA and how much will i be paid during my internship if my CTC is 6LPA ??

  151. Ji… I got P+I…and Iam from Velammal college
    Basically i have only 3 queries
    1)will we get a technical project to submit to our college as final year project?
    2)Heard that..the package has increased to 7 LPA after the Chan Zuckerberg’s foundations investment..in our company..Is it true or just rumours?
    3)do we have team outings,parties and celebrations? Heard that we ll be offered dinner party at Taj once we meet the targets by the end of the month 😉
    4)what is the working hour..nd what are the flexible timings… Whatz the expected average monthly salary in hand for BDA
    Oops!sorry for the xtra question :p..waiting wid eager for ur response 🙂

  152. hieee pranay…i m from gmr institute of technology..i have recently got placed in think nd lrn..intrnshp+plcmnt..i am a cse student and i m d topr of colg too..i am very intrstd in technical projects and teaching..do i have any scope for geting into it..if so..i wil keep my 100% effort..

  153. T&L campus recently visited our campus and I’ve been selected for Internship + Placement program. It is going to be new for me in that unacquainted city so i was having second thoughts about whether or not the company provides accommodation to the interns,? As it was told to us in our PPT that the company has CTC option.

  154. Hey, i am frm srm university, nd i got placed in think and learn p+i. Can you please tell me the tentative date of beginning of internship as i ll hve to look fr accomodation as well…nd book the tickets…?
    that ll b a great help…

  155. Hello sir i got selected for the internship program in the campus drive held in techno india university kolkata on 30th September. Kindly provide me with a tentative date as to when we have to join as well as when will we receive the offer letter. Thank you

  156. Greetings Sir, think and learn fascinates me with its ideology and conceptuals, the word that they mentioned,that a sales person should have is Street smart and i believe i have those.What else should i focus on to crack the GD&interview. Thank You.

  157. Greetings Sir, The way Think&Learn works fascinates me. they said they were looking for street smart people which i believe i am.What are the other criterion on which i should focus to get the job. We were also asked to acquire CRT SD cards which we are yet to recieve,please explain about it. Thank You.

  158. Hello bro,
    I m Vignesh from Sona School of Management, Salem. I have been selected for the BDA position.I was not informed about the work place location.Eventhough the training occurs most probably in Bangalore as I see from your above posts:),where would I be placed after internship??Will I asked my prefered location or their sole decision?

  159. Hi Prannay,
    I was recently placed in your recruitment drive at Amity University. The date of joining provided to us is January 9 whereas our college can’t let us go before the 1st of February, is there a possibility of delaying the date of joining since i really want to join your company and would not be able to if I don’t get an NOC from college.
    Please do reply!

    Thanking you.


      1. Sir I have also been selected and I am from amity university as well..can you please revert to the query put up by ansh as there are many selected candidates waiting eagerly to join think an learn. It would only be possible if your company allowes us to join in the first week of february..
        thanks !

  160. Hi. It was great reading about your experience. I was also placed for think and learn and I was hoping you can tell me when our call letter will arrived. I’m From Amity University.

  161. During our internship will we have field job or desk job?
    There is a rumour going around that we will have to do door to door sales!
    Can u plz clarify it?

  162. During our internship will we have field job or desk job?
    There is a rumour going around that we will have to do door to door sales!
    Can u plz clarify it?

  163. Hello Pranav,

    I have been selected for BDA in Byju’s campus recruitment on October 3 at my college,Sona School of Management,Salem.I have not yet recieved my call letter.When will I receive my call letter?The students have started reported about their internship to their faculties.It will be very helpful if I know the date.

  164. What will be the location for students joining from amity university
    koramangala or IBC Knowledge park
    it’ll be really helpful if you could tell that since we have to arrange for accommodations.

  165. hiee pranay..i m the student of gmrit . we people had got intern+placement.actualy 28 of november,is our starting date of intern.but we got an normal mesage tht dec 5 is our intern in ur company..but until now we hadnt received any sort of official mail..how could we get assurace without a proper mail..if dec 5 is the correct date plz ask ur cmpny to send a mail to the students who had selected

  166. Hey pranay, i am from amity university , just wanted to enquire about the call letter , when should we be expecting it , as our joining is on the 9th of january . please help .

  167. Hello sir… i got the internship offer in a pool and i m from IMS ENGINEERING COLLEGE GHAZIABAD.
    wud like to know that we havent recievd any mail from company regarding the joining dates wat it is tentaviley. plz sir reply and m eagerly waiting to join tl

  168. Sir
    What is the expected joining date for students of MIT,Manipal? Would be really helpful as we have to look for accommodation,etc.

  169. Think and Learn selected me and my friends in a pool campus recruitment. They asked us to join in January’17 but my college isn’t allowing us to do so in January but in March. We are 23 selected students from a type of college that has no recruitment so this opportunity stands to be the most important for me and everyone else. Is there a way to postponed the joining date? Please suggest me something that can work out in our favour.

  170. Hi, I am from MIT Manipal of Mechanical Branch.I got a Internship offer from think n learn.I have a few queries:
    1) It is said that if u submit your project of TNL in mech dpt, they give a low grade in 8th sem,Is it true?
    2) If yes, Is it possible that i can get leave during the internship,to partly do a project at college.(and still convert internship to placement)
    3)Is it possible that i join think n learn at a later date like a week or two later.(my current date of joining : 12th December 2016)

  171. I have been selected as intern in byju’s.I have few queries.
    1. Is there any dress code?
    2. Is lunch inclusive😊 in the daily schedule?

  172. Hi sir,
    i have some queries regarding office locations and working terms..
    1) do the selected interns must work in IBC knowledge park office or other branches in koramangala?
    2) after intern period, is it possible to change department for product development or designing or based on our interest..?
    3) after conversion on intern to employee, are we allowed to pursue our higher studies and also work in byju’s at the same time?
    4) is there any opportunity for onsite, because byjus was started in dubai, likewise is there any opportunity work there?
    5) is there work from home option available ?

  173. Hi,
    My name is Rini Chandra and I’m a student of United College of Engineering & Research, Naini, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.
    We had a campus recruitment drive conducted by Think & Learn this year in October, and I got selected. It was a P I offer.
    We had been informed that we’d have our internships in Bangalore in January, and all my selected batch mates have received mails from the company regarding it, which stated that the internship commences on 9th January, 2017. But I haven’t received it yet.
    I’m eager to work here, but I don’t know how to proceed without any offer mail from the company. Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  174. hello sir i wan to know
    1. Is this possible that joining date can be shifted.

    2. Is there any cheap PG(boys) near the company.

    3. one of my friend told me that working hours are more than 10 and no holidays in week.

  175. hello sir, may i know
    1) the exact in hand pay during 3 months internship and after that?
    2) any bond to be signed, if yes then duration?
    3) notice period?
    4) approx how many calls each day?
    5) when will be promotion done i.e. to get other job than making calls?
    6) approx travel to which places and in %age?

  176. Good evening…..Think and learn is visiting our college….I am currently doing bio engineering. Am I elligible for this job?…How will be the recruitment process??..What kind of questions can i expect??

  177. Hi Sir. I am from Delhi Technological University. Think and Learn has mentioned the CTC as 7-9 in our college. Does this mean 7 is fixed ?(all the offers on this post had 4 or 5 fixed)
    P.S. Thank you for this thread. It has been very helpful 🙂

    1. Hey. If it is told in your Pre-placement talk that your CTC would be around 7-9, then 7 should be fixed. A 2 lakh performance based variable will be there.

  178. Hi Prannay,

    I did my MBA in Symbiosis Institute o Operations Management. And currently working for Infosys (11 months) as an Associate Consultant with 7.25 CTC. I want to join Think & Learn (BYJU). So what are the available roles for my profile (As i heard BDA is one of them) and what is the CTC that i can expect ?

  179. Hi Prannayjha,
    I am a student of Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology and Management (IP University, Delhi) and pursuing MBA(Regular) and am currently giving my 2nd semester exam.
    I want to join the internship in marketing from June so can you please provide me the process on how to join the same and what will be the job profile.
    Thanks a lot!

  180. Sir,
    I was recently placed as BDA on the drive which T&L conducted at Thrissur on 21st may ,they told me that I will recieve an offer letter on tuesday (yesterday ),but i haven’t received yet, when will I receive the letter ?they told me tat the training will be at b’lore,so that i can book the ticket according to that?

  181. Hi Prannayjha,
    I’m glad that I received the offer letter after a wait of 2 weeks. But unfortunately I m having certain issues around such that my date of joining needs to be extended. Is there any means I can ask for an extension. Are there any chances of my offer letter being rejected for this?

  182. hello sir
    last month on may 27th we attended the drive at Nalla malla reddy engineering college (ghatkesar). we haven’t got our result yet..we are waiting for it.

  183. Hi Pranay

    Does BYJU recruit people having experience (couple of years) in IT with no sale/marketing background for their ‘Sales & Marketing Role’?

  184. Great article and I love how you replied to everyone dude! Kudos to you. I’m into writing, music and an offer from byjus as well.

    Although my one concern is what are the future career options for me once I get out of byju as a BDA after a few years ? and nope, no plans on MBA as such!

  185. i am doing my MBA in Marketing and think and learn is coming o our campus for BDA profile…
    in my graduation i have done B.Tech.
    can you please tell me how will be my future in this company and what are the future opportunities.

  186. Hi!!
    I am selected from campus recruitment. Joining is from January. But i did not receive any offer letter. Can you please tell me till when it will arive??

  187. Sir,
    I was recently placed as BDA on the drive which T&L conducted at KIIT UNIVERSITY .
    1. i haven’t received the offer letter yet, when will I receive the letter ?
    2. how many months will we be working as an intern?
    3. will there be any gap between internship and conversion date…?
    4. where are we gonna work as intern …is it bangalore ..?
    5.will we be provided accommodation during internship period..?

    1. 1. A mail will be sent 2 weeks prior to joining.
      2. 4-6 months depending on college degree completion and performance.
      3. Nope
      4. Most probably Bangalore.
      5. No.

  188. Hello Prannay
    We had the recruitment drive of Think And Learn at our college Silicon Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar on 27th Nov’17. When shall we get the result of the interview ?

  189. Hi,
    I have given interview in Think & Learn qualified the first round and appeared in second where video recording of the interview has done and then asked to leave for the day addingThe team will come to me in a week.

    Can you please help what is next and how will it go further processes???

  190. hello sir. I have applied at think and learn through offcampus by submitting tasks for content writer[aptitude]. the interview is scheduled on 17th dec 2017. will there b a direct interview or GD followed by interview. what kind of questions may be asked for this position

  191. Hey Pranay, I was interviewed at Hyderabad for the position of BDA on December 17th.It was an off campus drive. When can I expect my results? It would be great if you could reply!

  192. Hi pranay,
    I am selected from campus recruitment.Joining is from first week ofJanuary. But i still did not receive any offer letter. Can you please tell me till when it will arive??i have o make reservation for ticket and hotlel etc. thanks in advance..

  193. Hi pranay,
    i really appreciate your effort for answering each mail.just one more query and would be gratified if you clear the doubt when will i receive mail for accommodation/address as there is only a week to go and i have to reserve a ticket to travel to Bangalore. thanks in advance again…

    1. Hello K Lal
      When did you give the interview for byju ? Asking this since I have given it on 27th November this year .

  194. hey Ashish,
    i gave it a college campus at first week of November..i received a call asking me to join on 22nd December and they said that i would receive a mail. till now no mail from their side i am asking since its only a week left for the verbal joining date they gave me but still no mail its difficult from my side since managing the things in Bangalore in such a short time would be quite an hassle.. did you receive any call or mail what about you????

  195. hi pranay,
    i received a call from byju stating that my joining date is 3rd jan and i will receive a mail for accommodation and a link to fill up a form. but still now i haven’t received any mail.i live in Kolkata and it would be very difficult for me to travel to Bangalore without any mail regarding details of address/accommodation. hope you are understanding my predicament and provide a solution at the earliest

  196. hi,
    there is supposed to be an off campus drive in kolkata on 13th/14th.Is it for 2018 passing out batch or only till 2017 batch?

  197. Hi,
    I have an 1 yr exp in IT. Can i apply for T&L if i am interested in sales & marketing. If selected then there is different training for experienced one or it will be same like freshers internship.

  198. Hi Prannayjha,
    I am Kamala Kannan fresher with internship experience, let me just give a small introduction about me in this comment section,

    Basically, I am a reinventive artist from my childhood and poses good knowledge of technologies and fundamentals in CS discipline. My area of interest is Debugging, development, marketing and share my knowledge with others and help others to promote themselves in the skillset (I had done this during my college for my friends 🙂 ), any opening in your organization? Hoping to have a response.

  199. Hello, I am a final year Btech student and had recently attended a pool campus recruitment on 20th DECEMBER 2017 which was held at UEM CAMPUS,Kolkata. As we were told that the result would be declared within a week , so if you kindly could give me the infomation about whether the result of 20th
    December has already been declared or not or should i wait furthur for the result .

  200. Hey Prannay,

    I attended the interview on Saturday,23rd Dec 2017 at Ranchi and got selected as a Business Development Associate. I received the confirmation mail stating my joining date. I am a working professional and because of some obligations and commitments at my current workplace I won’t be relieved within the stipulated time given to me for joining. I am trying to communicate the same to the concerned but don’t have any details of the same. It would be great if you an help me out in this case with the contact details of the concerned person so that I can forward my request. I am looking forward to this exciting opportunity.

  201. Hi Pranay,
    Appreciate your writeup for all questions posted here..Is it worth Joining byju as BDA after a handful years of experience (5+) completely in a different sector..? How wil be the growth options??

    1. I’d say that you shouldn’t if you are joining as a BDA itself. I’d suggest sticking to something that you’ve experience in. In any case, the growth option in Byju’s is pretty good. You can be up for a managerial post in as soon as a year.

  202. Hello Prannay,
    In continuation to my previous question I mailed the same to the requisite ID and also at different ID i got from other source. I didn’t get the reply in any of them and have been waiting for it. Can you please help me out with HR or those who looks after the joining process. I need to have a confirmation about the dates as I have to put that for my relieving process too. It would be great if you can help me out in this case.
    You can mail me at rajbirsandhu.bit@gmail.com in case of any queries or more information.

  203. Hi Pranay!

    I had applied for the interview round(BDA) in Delhi on 15th of July,2018.
    I have cleared the BYJU’s interview round and have just received my call letter/Interview result. My training starts from 30th in Bangalore and then Chandigarh.
    During the interview, I had mentioned my preferred location as Delhi(Due to some unavoidable family obligations), but I have been allotted Chandigarh as my Role Location. I am more than excited to work with the excited group of go-getters, but leaving Delhi is a personal problem that can’t be overcome.

    Even if I don’t specifically get Delhi, I am more than happy to work in the NCR region(Noida, Gurugram). Really looking forward to work with the team, but after discussing the issue with my parents and other family members, the conclusion remains the same. It is very difficult for me to leave those obligations behind.

    Please suggest what can be done.

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