I have a full day Saturday, but I am not complaining. I was going to bunk for a trip to Goa. I rushed to my sister’s class to have half a dozen Rakhis tied, finish my classes and then rush to the hostel for packing. We were a group of 7 BKCs. We board a train at 2.20 from Manipal- My first journey in general class. Crowded, so we sit on the floor and start singing. It takes us about 5 hours to reach Madgaon. We take a bus to Panaji(after taking a bus to the Mudgaon station) despite swarms of Taxi Walas advising us otherwise. We sing all the way through some cursing eyes. Panaji is about 45 km from Mudgaon. We reach at around 9 and unfortunately miss the bus to Calangute, so we hire a cab.



We didn’t know where to stay so depended on the driver to lookDSCN1303 for a place for us. After much searching he takes us to a lady who wasDSCN1482 willing to give two dirty rooms for rent. We could surprisingly negotiate a lot, so we thought something was fishy and left. Next couple hours were exciting. 7 guys in a ‘drunk state’ as we called it, no place to stay just roaming around. We eventually found ourselves a great deal. We have food outside with a pint of beer each and go to what I call a beautiful scary beach. We walk back and call it a night.

Next day we toil real hard to find ourselves Bikes (extended weekend crowd). We eventually got ourselves a bike and three Activas. We went to Baga, got ourselves a tattoo each, roamed and checked some prospects out 😉 and headed for Fort Aguada. The scene was beautiful. At some height with the sea around you and you one sit calmly and hear the sea. We sat for a while before we decided we need to take theDSCN1409 green drive back again. We chat with doped a pimp just for some leg pulling and get an idea about Russians and even get some extra knowledge about their stamina. At night we went to the Night Clubs area. I had never seen hotter girls. Hot by default and drunk!!! Too tempting 😉 . The entry fee surpassed our budget so we moved on (after being rejected by three chicks to enter as couple). Highlight of the journey- driving through nowhere singing at the top of our voice on deserted roads and reaching the same place thrice… We end the night with Tequila, Carlsberg and Feni.




Next day we cDSCN1513atch a bus to Panaji and hire bikes again. This part of the state is mellow. Its where you actually get to sense Goa. We have lunch beside an extended sea. We then went to the St. Francis Church, and head for a jetty amongst a foreDSCN1541st, to sit for an hour. We spend the whole day sans alcohol. We just breathed Goa. By the end of it we were again cramped in a compartment with memories enough to last for a lifetime.


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