17 October I guess. One of my friend’s birth day. I had already told my dad about my first glass of alcohol as I had promised (Fresher’s), so I decided I would drink that day. I reached a bit late for the party at probably the most famous bar in the city. I enter a dark smoky room, and see my folks already a bit tipsy. I drank all I could see, Old Monk (never had it again), Vodka (with a quarter right now) and maybe some white Rum (don’t really remember). Soon things were moving.

We were a group of twenty students with fair amount of both the sexes. I recall most guys (except a sole sober without whom we were bunch of animals ready to be found wasted in a jungle) were drunk so we were all given a girl to hang on, till we sober up. We then went to a disc. I blabbered all throughout, called one of my friends and shouted on her, called another and we barely talk now. I lied down on my baby sitter’s lap and told her all kinds of stories, how a guy was irritating my sis and I love her, about my life in township, how embarrassed am I going to feel tomorrow, “please don’t tease me tomorrow please!!!”, were some I can remember.

I sobered up in an hour (my phone was already confiscated) and I was busy convincing our sober soldier that I can help him now, I was not drunk anymore. The next time I was drunk, I challenged my friend to a game of cricket, prophesized the India world cup win, talked about how much my BE teacher sucked and made fun of people. They even made a video of me, but don’t think can post here for obvious reasons. One of the times I even fell and cut myself, the 230ml neat Romanov mark.

People get really funny when drunk, saw a vegetarian fighting for chicken, the people who yap the most maintaining absolute silence and off course the usual ‘I am not drunk, see I can walk in a straight line(and falling)’ . I have seen people get depressed and super hyper when drunk. I for 1 talk, talk a lot. And when I start to sober down I meget mellow and I think, and also my voice gets a lot huskier 😉

A lot of people have scales to measure success, mine is ‘I should be happy when I am drunk’.


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