We are often faced with the illusion that what is a right, need to be simple. What works, stays. The Darwin theory of survival of the fittest. Nature now learns to mould itself to a certain kind of temporary stability.

I am not talking about simplicity of defined values, I am talking about the simplicity of work. And today both are poles apart. Always stopping before the zebra crossing is a defined concept, but refuting it is the simplicity of work.

We are today in an era where brain has evolved to be lenient. Principles are now passé. And time as people say is gold. Would take a rather gross example, when your bladder is full during an exam, you normally are always able to hold it. But when you actually go for release, you can never stop before the last drop.

Mind is somewhat analogous to the bladder. Take addiction for example. It starts with a one-time rendezvous. Later we provide ourselves with excuses of acceptance and thus the floodgates open.

What we don’t understand that these temporary changes disrupt the fundamentals of the society. Something as simple as a traffic light (which I’d be termed as a Dick not to skip) has a simple yet important logic behind it.

Emotions are regarded as dispensable. ‘They are waste of one’s time’. Love, friendship, care, trust didn’t always used to be fragile words that always needed ulterior motives to be felt. But yeah given the moral lecture I would too agree they hamper with whichever carrot we are chasing.

The question is how much will this dilemma curb towards practicality. Would passion for defined values survive, or would Kalyug finally prove its arrival.


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