India, the land of snake charmers, is oft crowded with people on the streets showing ‘The Cobra Dance’. The Cobra is made to dance to a tune of a musical instrument called the ‘been’ in India (resembles a flute). People often get fooled by the idea of snakes dancing to the tune of the music. The reality is that snakes are almost deaf, they cannot hear music. They thus follow the movement of the flute. Also these Cobras are mostly venomoid, ie. they have undergone a surgery to remove their venom glands.

Also if you notice, there are two black circular marks behind the hood of a Cobra. It is believed that when Lord Krishna was transported after being born, a fie headed cobra saved him from the rain. The lord touched him and since then those 2 finger marks are on every Cobra.

The maximum deaths by snakebite in India is caused by saw-scaled viper, followed by Kraits and The Cobra. The Indian Rock python is one of the longest species on Earth.


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