Greg Chappell-Underarm

Greg Chappell is not infamous for just Saurav Ganguly. This was perhaps the most shameful event in International cricket. Australia V New Zealand, where Kiwis needed 6 runs off the last ball to tie the match. Greg (captain) asked his brother Trevor (bowler) to bowl an underarm delivery. McKechnie, the batsman defended the ball and walked off to a crowd booing the Kangaroos.

Kapil Dev- Run out

Peter Kirsten was run out by the then Indian captain Kapil Dev for backing away too far from the crease before the delivery was bowled. To Kapil’s defence, he had warned Kirsten twice for doing the same before running him out. Considered unsportsmanlike, the incident was controversial as the following flurry of words and actions didn’t please anyone.

Sunil Gavaskar-Abandon

Gavaskar got a reputation of being a cry baby after this incident.  He has been in dismal form lately. When Dennis Lillee got him out LBW, he tried to explain to Rex Whitehead (umpire) that he had edged the ball. The umpire obviously not impressed, stuck to his decision. A livid Gavaskar starts walking back only to stop and ask his fellow partner Chetan Chauhan to do the same in protest.  Fortunately, better sense prevailed and Vengasarkar (next batsman in) was sent before the situation could get worse.

Inzamam-Ul-Haq- Forfeit                                                                                   

It is not new for spectators to feel that there is something wrong with the ball when Pakistan is bowling (Puns intended). The ball was reverse swinging and Gul and Asif made immense use of it. Darrell Hair (Umpire) thought that it was surreal for a ball to move like that. Hence, after a cursory glance at the ball, he decided to award 5 runs to England as penalty for tampering with the ball. The Pakistani captain, Inzamam-Ul-Haq refused to take the field post tea. The match was awarded to England by forfeiture.

WG Grace- Play on

WG-Grace_2191091This one is perhaps the oldest and has the ‘Ultimate Chaud’. WG grace who was the first batman to reach 1000 International test runs once said to the empire after getting bowled in an exhibition match, “Play on (putting the bails back on), they’ve come here to see me bat, not you umpire.”


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