1. V guard Inverter… Ouch!!!- This advertisement makes me cringe every time I watch it. It is just too painful for any man to watch this. Yeah we all know that electricity going off is not great but seriously you don’t have to be mean about saying it.

2. Havells Geyser- We should leave the Geyser on for it uses only half a unit of electricity every day. You average CFL uses the same amount throughout the day. Yes it is only 3 rupees but in a world where everyone is so particular about saving electricity, this sure gives you the wrong message.

3. Insurance- This advertisement was from a life insurance company. A friend comes to visit a family. The family’s kid is excited because his dad was to bring a toy car for him. The friend strikes a conversation with him. After learning that he expects a toy car he comments, “What if your dad never returns?” I was aghast when I saw this one. How can a company be so insensitive!!!
4.Bingo- They are just too ducking irritating!!

5. I-Ball Udaan- everyone is partying in a bar. A man likes Kareena and gathers enough courage to go talk to her. As he approaches her, Kareena notices and points to a button at the back of the phone; it’s an emergency SOS button. Now, the guy just wanted to talk. Assuming every guy to be a rapist is the same as generalising a religion to terrorism. That said the concept of the phone is brilliant, just the execution of marketing isn’t.


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