Om Xerox Akka- This lady does the most important job in the college- provide students with assignment answers, notes and an option to Xerox them! A very friendly person who has immense powers of memory, she remembers every assignment of every semester for every Branch. There are always allegations by the fairer sex that she hates them (My female classmates used to send me to get them assignments (Yes! I am mech., but I was in first year)). She is someone who earns quite a sum and acts like it. There was a senior girl a year back who wanted a print out of a CV. Akka accidently got her two printouts. The girl, agitated by an extra copy claims that Akka did it on purpose for getting more money. Akka takes the CVs, tears both of them and asks the girl to leave!!! Chaud!!!!


FC Anna- this guy is wonderful. I don’t know how to identify him to you but he’s the guy who collects all the plates at FC and has done so for 3 years now. He is old and slightly chubby. I had made it a point to thank whoever collected my plate at FC. The first few days he said nothing, probably surprised. After about a week, he used to smile seeing me come and would say a prominent “haan” followed by a mumbled thank you (which is the customary response to a thank you in India anyway). The happiness it gave to him when someone acknowledged his work was priceless.

Timmy anna- the most beloved of the lot. He is the Batman of MIT boys’ hostels. When every source of food and smokes is scarce, he comes to the rescue. The short Messiah is unsurprisingly in a perpetually groggy mood (at least whenever I went), but nevertheless there is always mouth-watering cheap food when you need it the most.


Deetee kid- He is one mysterious guy. The first time I met him, I wanted to inquire about a lost ID card and he did a brilliant job of ignoring me. I them dawned on me. His life must be terrible. He would be convinced that all students are stupid as hell (Everyone’s drunk around him) and after knowing that, has to clean up their puke. He still seems a very jolly fellow. I have never been able to strike a conversation with him past, “how’s it going?” but he says a ‘Hi’ whenever he sees me.

Manipal shops- It’s been 7 semesters and I still am always confused which one is Campus store and which is Manipal store. The one in front on ninth block- the rudest bloke in Manipal probably. He will not give you that Rs20 recharge or the packet of Kurkure is you don’t have change. He has no arguments and entertains no requests, ‘..!..’ For you! The other one in front of Boys’ hostel is a cool customer (Irony). He used to have real long hair which was orange in colour. He understands the psyche of students well and is a brilliant small talker.

These are my top five; do share yours.


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