As a 4-1 score line projected a dominating Indian side, the Indo-Windies  series was far from comfortable for the home side. Most of the matches were very close (except off course the Sehwag battering), and in the end the better finisher survived.

Since ages, we have been known as a team with gigantic batting prowess, studded with star players who had to bat us home. But things are changing. Now we have a young team yearning for experience who know that getting into the side means being through some really stiff competition.

The Windies series showed us our bench strength, that for long didn’t really exist. We had Rohit Sharma in beautiful form, taking us out of pretty tense situation, Kohli’s ever lasting purple patch, the return of what i believe one of India’s finest bowlers, Aswhin, Rahul (we find ourselves a Kumble). Every one pitched in.

And as they grow in experience, they learn responsibility. We are a team which falls like a house of cards if our heads are not into the game. With the young guns coming in there was always going to be some questions on their reliability. But the World Cup answered it all, and it has been carried along in further series ( Forget England, that was a nightmare!!!!)

It now provides some relief to see that the future of Indian Cricket can be bright even after the old magicians leave. Come Australia and I guess we shall see the end of an era. An era of gifted cricketers. Probably the last away series for all the seniors. But they can now leave bearing in mind that they are leaving behind a team that can’t afford complacency and no matter how bad it gets they would always bounce back.


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