Its just the story one could have written as a fairy tail. Home crowd, a challenging total and a World Cup final. It did not happen then. Out after a mesmerising straight drive. Some things are great just because it takes a lot of effort to achieve them and then there is a kind of greatness that cannot be acknowledged with simplicity.

You cannot own a Ferrari no matter how rich you get, you need to earn it. Rather analogous is the case with the ton of tons. None can argue with the credibility of Sachin’s success. Yet one would love to see him complete the century. As he was some 60* at the end of day’s play, I told my friend to wake me up for the match the next morning. I secretly wished he’d get out. Don’t get me wrong, but I just think that a milestone that important deserves at least a Melbourne wicket. I go on YouTube and see his past and I see magic, the sandstorm, the 175 against Australia, Pakistan demolition in 2003 even the 98 Chennai test. A man like that deserves a grand way to reach hundred centuries. And none in near future can be better than the Australian series. They have the calibre to fancy their chances, the pitch to throw some grenades and a history of some legendary cricket.

I say ‘in near future’ as I personally would like him to stay on peak and leave on one too. There have been many scholars of the game who had advised him to retire because of his incompetence during the lows; but as Sachin once said, ‘People throw stones at you, you try turn them into milestones’. I on the other hand would want him to bid adieu for he now has created a Godly image that should not be given a chance to be tainted in any way. One might argue, that he still loves the game, but someone once told me, ‘Sometimes its better to stop even if you love, just to frame the memory’.

I am a mere mortal and it is he who decides. All I can say is, it sure is going to be a Boxing day on 26th and we are in for a great series.

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One thought on “It deserves a contest!!”
  1. Yes we got no right to decide but I am pretty sure that Sachin realizes that he’ll retire when he’s in the peak of his form. I feel that Ganguly retired right on time. He was in real bad shape before the test series vs. Pakistan. He played decent knocks, winded up with a double and retired.
    A sportsperson will be in guilt throughout if he/she retires when things are low !!

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