My trips to Goa from college have all been amazing. While the first time I went with a bunch of crazy people ready for an adventure, I learnt many things for the next visit. Keep these in mind when going for a Goa trip, especially from college!!!


  1. Try going with an all guy gang. Easier, cheaper, safer, more fun and unrestricted.
  2. It’s cheaper to go in a big group.
  3. Buy tickets for going (general). For coming back at night, it’s not very necessary (not advocating ticketless travel, but it’s too crowded and the TC almost never comes).
  4. Do not take a cab at Madgaon/Margaon, go for a bus to the main bus station, and then another for Panaji followed by another to Calangute (the last one leaves at 9)
  5. Look for rooms and don’t take the first one you see, everything in Goa is negotiable. (200 per person per day is a good deal offseason)
  6. Look around a bit and you would get cheap bikes (400 a day for a bike on normal days and 700 in peak). Leave early in the morning if you’re going in peak season or holidays.
  7. If you plan to sleep on the beach, take blankets and a sweatshirt at least as it gets pretty cold.
  8. Buy alcohol from wine shops, 25 a pint MRP(might have increased), 30 is decent 35 at night! If you are paying above that, leave me with your number, I can use a rich friend. For other STUFF, take your own!
  9. Roam around a lot! Goa cities are more beautiful than its beaches. Visit Arambol Beach (claimed nude beach, but shall disappoint a little in that regard) though, go towards the market on right (facing sea) and walk for a while. You shall be treated with beautiful views (all kinds of). There is a lake for swimming as well!!!
  10. North is the happening side while south is milder and more secluded.
  11.  If you can extend your budget a bit, go to the Tito’s area near Baga (2000 stag, 1000 couple)! There are other clubs around it with a min price 500 stag. You can also go to club Cabana (awesome house themed party place with unlimited booze I hear) for 1500/couple. No stag entries are allowed. However one guy extra with a couple can go at a higher price.
  12. Tattoos (temp.) are not more than 50 bucks! So don’t settle for anything more. Everything you shop for would actually be around 1/3rd the first quote.
  13. Leave for bus stations early, try not to miss the last one as cabs are expensive— Panaji to Mudgaon= Rs800, Panaji to Calangute= Rs500.
  14. Final expected budget for a two night weekend trip for drinkers= Rs 2500 tops
  15. It is a drunken state so be cautious.

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4 thoughts on “Points to remember while visiting Goa”
  1. Nice job, Prannay! Pretty sure it will come in useful with college nearing an end.
    PS- I do enjoy the rest of your articles about Manipal. If you are in Gurgaon anytime, do drop a line and we can catch up on our college experiences. Life has indeed changed a lot since our Amity days.

  2. Please do some more research next time.
    With reference to point number:
    4- Its Madgaon or Margao not MUDGAON.
    15- Goa is a state for God’s sake!

    P.S. I doubt you’ll even post this comment. At least make the necessary changes.

    1. Oh! 4th, well different sources state different names (Madgaon and Margao are 2), I am sure you and every one else reading this got what place I meant by Mudgaon!! 15, My bad; made the change. And hey Mr. Fighter, it’s an experience based article, and genuine mistake!! So shut the hell up and drink some beer 😛

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