It is rare, that a Mumbaikar finds a quick get-away from the city. Though being from Navi Mumbai is a different case. We are quite aware of the phrase ‘not really a Mumbaikar’, but eventually have the last laugh when its beautiful weather outside and one wants to take a long drive.

One such weekend we decided to go on a trip to Mahabaleshwar/Panchgani. Being from Manipal, I wasn’t very excited about it, just out of shear lack of surprise I thought the place would have. Well surprised I was.

We had gone during the peak time, just the onset of monsoon. The drive was lovely, the green mountains with random temporary waterfalls and roads sans pot holes. We thought we’d visit the Lonavala Dam, but that was a goner.

We’d thought that we’d find a place in Panchgani and then roam Mahabaleshwar the next day. Almost all Hotels were booked and the prices were quite steep too. We had some great luck when we could find a 3 Star hotel right on the border of Panchgani. It was on a plateau top and on the edge that overlooked the Krishna river (similar to Marena at Manipal). Our rooms were a two floor thing, the second made of wood, like they show in old movies.

The next day we went to explore the city. Mahabaleshwar was too urbanised, so we preferred staying in Panchgani. Though the strawberry gardens are worth a watch and  the area has some dirt driving and amusement places for the kids. There was also a Jam factory but not much to see there. There were quite a a few wonderful table tops., with luscious greenery and some adventurous edges.

All in all it was the perfect weekend get away.



5 thoughts on “Panchgani Trip”
    1. Yeah its a 3 star hotel… Prices are very cheap compared to the beautiful place it is.. Its got a small Play room (for the kids) with tt tables, air hockey, carom etc.. Itsgot about 4 Tennis grounds and also a hill top view jus to sit…

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