It was the middle of the End –Semesters. We were taking the customary break from study (we are entitled to 10 every night). I had put on a song (probably the first time in college), and suddenly all heads turned with a surprised look. “Oops! I did it again…” I started doing our fun (BKC special) dance and was soon joined by Darling (my roomie). Another roomie’s girl was watching us, still trying to figure out what to make out of the situation. A couple of minutes later, she was shaking a leg with us leaving her guy aghast. Soon to follow was her request ‘I am not a girl…’ with my high pitched voice over, yes I still remembered the lyrics (hmmm no, no shame registered yet!)britney-spears-wallpapers-151

What ensued was a rather long discussion on Britney Spears.  Now before you judge all of us, let me assure you that we have decent maturity when it comes to music; we hadn’t listened to the likes Venga, Backstreet, Enrique, Linkin, Eminem or even Greenday since eternity. We generally went back a few decades or to Coke studio when we got bored with music we listened to. That said, we all knew and loved the ‘Bitch’.

britney-spears-hit-me-baby-one-more-time-music-video-hit-me-baby-one-more-time-700305999Britney represented our transition to adulthood. There are very few guys who haven’t watched ‘Toxic’ without pausing continuously on you know what. I for one had about a dozen of her music videos and probably her Discography too. I used to love Britney Spears. She had an amazing voice, her music had good beats and those sultry videos made her every teen girl’s idol and every teen guy’s (W**) dream.


Of course she has had her share of extreme lows- Shaved head, momentary marriages, hitting paparazzi with umbrella, doing a nude pregnant photo-shoot and what not. I believe that a pop star needs to be controversial to stay at the top and she unwillingly but fortunately did that. She is doing well for herself and has matured as a woman (Going by her as a judge in I presume X factor). With the controversies, the age, the kids, the accusations, I still adore her. Thank you Britney Spears.

Here is something to refresh your memories!!!


3 thoughts on “I love Britney Spears!”
  1. Form is temporary. Class is permanent 😀
    But yeah, she was what she was and for a certain period of time no one could surpass her. I remember going to birthday parties as a kid and the big girls dancing to “Hit me baby one more time”. Now I get it 😉

    Ps: Darling was home? That’s a surprise.

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