Ques- When will I get my offer letter?

Ans- Be patient. You shall receive a welcome mail from us telling you when and where to report. You shall also receive a mail to complete some formalities on a portal. Again; be patient.

Ques- What kind of profile is it?

Ans- It’s a BDA (B2C) profile that involves calling as potential students.

Ques- What growth can I expect?

Ans- Depending on your performance, you shall have regular appraisals and would be promoted to managerial level accordingly.

Ques-Where is the office? Can I work in another city?

Ans-Google it. IBC Knowledge Tech Park Bangalore. No, Bangalore is the head office so we send people in other cities rarely.

Ques- Do I get accommodation?


Ques- Can I skip internship and directly join as permanent if I have a P+I offer?

Ans- No.

You can comment more doubts, but please don’t be stupid. I have a specific skill set; I will find you and I will take your case. Welcome to Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd.

If you have more queries, you can contact me as well

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  1. when is the next off campus for think & learn? since am from kolkata it would be good if u conduct som off campus here in the upcoming months

  2. Sir/Madam,
    I haven’t received my offer letter, can I know please when will I be receiving my offer letter….

      1. Dear Sir,
        I Piyush Agiwal a graduating Student from Mmcc, Pune University is interested in Applying for Internship in Sales and Marketing in Think & Learn Pvt Ltd. Kindly assist me how can I apply for it.
        I have sent my resume on hr@thinkand learn.in but received no response. I liked the concept of using technology for education modules. Hope a positive reply.

        Thanks ,

  3. I was selected for Think & learn pvt. ltd in Techno India campus drive.they offered me to join for the internship in 7th march’16 but I could not join for some serious reason I requested them to postponed my joining.But they didnot reply me. So I want to know may I join the company after my final semester exam in June?

  4. hiii…can you plzz tel me hoe can i apply for this company. if there is any walkins or off campus drive…

  5. hey Prannay,We had T&L campus recruitment at ITER Bhubaneswar on 20th May..when the final results will be out

  6. Respected Sir,
    I am glad that i have been placed at your company.Your company had visited our college in the month of October,2015 and then i have been placed.I haven’t yet received offer letter for which my other friends had already received on 16th May. The joining date is on 6th June. And for which all documentary details has to be uploaded .I hope you to solve my problem at your earliest.

  7. Sir , I got an offer letter for internship having joining date in Junefor bda profile , what’s the chances of conversion to placement offer letter after training ? Hoping for honest answer

  8. Sir , I have received an offer letter for internship having date of joining in June for bda profile ! What is the probability of conversion to placement offer letter after training ?

  9. Hi Pranay,
    1. I am a 2016 passout from SRM University with a CGPA of 5.9 & have an eLitmus score of 157.5 with 95 & 80 percentile in Verbal & Quantitative Aptitude respectively. Am I eligible for an offcampus interview?
    2. Does the HR prefer an Infographic Resume or a straightforward one?
    Thanks in advance.

  10. I’m a final year student of MIT Manipal and I wanted to know what will be the eligibility criteria to sit for think and learn process? (In terms of gpa and backlogs).

    1. Typically we don’t have an eligibility criteria when it comes to GPA or backlogs as long as you can join us for the 8th Sem Internship. We are looking for good/smart communication skills.

  11. Hii Pranay,
    I have worked as BDA with BYJUS this year for 2 months(Joined on Jan 4th 2016) as i got internship offer through college placements.Due to some academic issues in college i could not continue with the job and i had to return back to college.Now i want to get back to the job in Product Developement. So,kindly let me know if there is any vacancy in the Product Developement and if yes,the what is the procedure to apply for the same.


  12. Sir .. I m a final year student in MIT …. I would like to know about the eligibility criteria for attending the placement process of think and learn and also how should I prepare for it and the things I should concentrate on or should know that might be helpful for me during the recruitment process I will be very thankful to u for this !!
    Looking forward for your reply . Thanks !!

  13. sir ,
    I am 2.6 years experienced in T.C.S. I am interested in joining think and learn may i no what will be my job profile???

  14. hello,
    i have been selected for bda.I am doing mechanical engineering and i need to do my final year project!
    what about internship? when will i be called? and if i attend my internship how can i do my industrial project?

  15. Sir,

    I have 4 months of experience as a business development executive. May I know whether are there any recruitment drives present

  16. Hai Sir,
    I’m a Bca final year student and I would like to do an internship at your company. So what all qualifications should I require. I’m studying at Rajagiri college of management and applied sciences in ernakulam

  17. Good Afternoon sir,
    I have been placed at Think and Learn from Amity University, Noida with the P+I offer. We’ve been told that our joining is on the 9th of January, 2017. This will require our institute to fast-track our 8th semester course for which we need an offer letter from the company as proof that we have been placed. When will we recieve our letter?
    Warm Regards,
    Shubhang Heryani

  18. hello sir,
    it has been 2 months after the selection of T&L in my college… I just wanted to know when will i be getting my offer letter/ joining letter… please reply

  19. Hello sir,
    Dropping this comment again because of non-recieval of confirmation mail. Although my colleagues have already recieved their joining of 5th december .As i have been selected for I+P program at T&L please can you help me regarding this issue as i have still not recieved any mail, i think the problem is related with my email id so here is my id for any future events – nishkarsherappa@gmail.com

  20. Hi Sir,
    I am glad that i got selected in your company for the post of BDA by the campus drive that was conducted in our college(Sona College of Technology,Salem-TN) at Sep 2016,But i haven’t yet received any offer letter or confirmation mail for internship.I was selected for P+I package.so can you please help me regarding this…

  21. Hello sir, am a student of Bengal Institute of Technology (Kolkata). As I got selected for only internship and our semester exam this year has postponed to January! I am tensed that I didn’t received any offer letter yet.

      1. Sir, there is a problem regrading the joining in the company in January, because we are from West Bengal University(WBUT) and unfortunately our 7th sem exams are postponed and will be held in the month of January…So the problem is Joining date and Sem Exams are Collapsing together… so sir what do we do now? and this the problem of all students got selected from West Bengal region.

  22. Hi sir,
    Thankyou for the information.
    I received intern call mail. I am happy to join in byju’s, but they haven’t mentioned anything about accomodation and work place. For the first day they have asked us to come head office will the intern be in head office r somewhere else..?
    It would be helpful for us to arrange pg or hostel nearby before v reach there.

  23. Could you please tell me about the resignation procedures at think and learn during the course of the six months internship? Is there any bond or rules to abide by before which o can’t resign from the job?

  24. Is it possible that reporting date can be changed … I want to know if reporting date can be shifted for a month.

    Or is there any cheap PG near the place where we r going to work…give some idea about the price

    If someone wants 2 work with other teams .. apart from sales… Is it possible??

    Average salary hike???

  25. Sir i recieved the offer mail from byjus.. the problem is that in the offer confirmation section, it is necessary to choose the name of my college but the name of my college is not there in the given list..how will i complete the offer confirmation sir?

      1. Sir i was selected for a I+P offer. But nowhere in my offer letter for internship could i find this mentioned. Can you please enlighten me on this matter?

  26. Respected sir,

    I am an engineering graduate from Sharda University. I was very fond of applying in Think and Learn when they came to recruit in our college but i had not the cleared the eligiblity criteria so thus was rejected even after many requests made to our head of department. I have searched a no of websites and I still search it each day for any new job opening in Think And Learn. I just need a chance to prove myself and there won’t be any better offer for me if I get an intern letter from Think and Learn. I applied through jobspire, indeed, think and learn carrers portal and even through other portals(I dont remember the name as I have applied for this company each place I saw the openeing) but I didnt got any responce or email. I just want a chance to prove myself. Hope to Listen from you very soon sir.

    Your’s Faithfuly

  27. sir i was attend the think and learn drive on dec16.The result was announced on jan2 2017 got an Intern offer.when i will get an confirm mail and wat can be the expected date for joining the company ……

  28. Hello sir , I am a 2014 MCA passout from NIT-Bhopal, Do I have a chance of applying in your company for the post of BDA or any other profile relevant to my profile?

      1. I have been placed at your company with P + I offer at the Pooled campus recruitment drive @ ​Universal engineering College,Thrissur Kerala on January 20, 2017.

        I haven’t yet received any offer letter for which my all other friends have already received it on 21 April. For them the joining date was mentioned as 6th June. And for which all documentary details has to be uploaded .Kindly help me.

  29. Hi pranay, I am a undergraduate from Mumbai.
    I had to quit ma studies coz of the financial crisis at my home.
    I am workng in the bpo industry for almost 4 years now, is there any post with you that I can apply for

  30. Hi,
    Im a BCA graduate 2017 passout from RAJAGIRI COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT AND APPLIED SCIENCES,KOCHI ! Is there any vacanicies available ? kindly please inform!

  31. I was interviewed with byjus mumbai on 8th july 2017. They told that you will recieve a mail of wheter you are selected or not within two days, But I haven’t recieved any mail yet.

  32. Sir I have given interview at IBC in July. I cleared gd and my PI was good. They said results will be given in 2-3 days but it’s been almost a month now. Do they take so long to announce results or does it mean I have not been selected?

  33. Sir I didn’t get selected in my first interview at t and l which was in July. How long do I have to wait to reapply again?

  34. How long does it take for off campus results to be announced? And how do we get to know if we are selected?

      1. its been more than two weeks now. does it mean i was not selected? or sometimes it gets delayed due to some reasons?

          1. no sir our entire batch who attended recruitment that day didn’t get an email.We got a call and were told that they will send an email with all details but they didn’t. so when we went for the interview there was a bit of hassle at the entrance because they were demanding an email. however it was sorted out later.

  35. I gave interview for bday post on 29 july at ibc park… I still didn’t get the results… They told it will be told in 4 days… when I contacted recruitment team via email a few days ago they said results were not announced…. But after that when I mailed them I didn’t get any reply… Have results been announced sir???

          1. Ok sir. Does it happen in some cases that they announce results so late because of some reasons?

    1. It ranges from 10k to infinite depending on your performance. The best performer typically would get 2.5-3L more than the CTC every year. TDS is according to government guidelines. PF is typically capped at 1800+1800.

  36. Suppose a friend of mine wants to buy the tablet program, am I allowed to sell it to him/her directly? Or should it come through the company first?
    And in 7lpa how much do we get in hand per month?

  37. is it true that bad performance in one month can lead to firing of the employee?? are we supposed to sell products only of one type like only cat or only school or can we sell any product?

    1. Typically one product one campaign. If we take you on an internship, we take a call after that ends. If your performance is bad, we do not extend the permanent employment option. Otherwise, too, we give sufficient time to prove yourself.

        1. Depends on a lot of factors. You’d get to know once you’re here. Nothing would change even if you know your target before joining. We’re not stupid to give you a 1Cr target if we want 2L; don’t worry.

  38. Sir I want to apply for the post of bda but the careers page does not have the option anymore. I think I have it in me to get the job and I’m really interested. Plz help me out

  39. Hey Pranay,

    I’m currently pursuing final year for BE Computer at PCCOE college in Akurdi, Pune.
    Will there be any campus at our college ?
    What will be the selection process?
    Could you kindly provide the current salary structure? (For intern and afterwards)
    For internship will I have to shift to Banglore?
    Are there weekly offs?

    Thanks in advance !

  40. Why does company not give cab facilities to employees? Is it because there a large number of employees and it is difficult to give cab facility to all?

    1. Lots of reasons.
      1) Difficult to manage.
      2) Generally people stay nearby so not much need.
      3) Flexi timings: People start coming in at 9:30 and in time can be 12:30 as well.

  41. Prannay sir, I attended an interview at IBC knowledge park on the 10th of this month. I was told that the results will be told in 3 days. I’m pretty confident of being selected as my PI was really good. Can u please tell me if results have been announced?

  42. During my recruitment I was told that salary post training will be 7lpa. Upon completion of training will I really be given 7lpa or are there any hidden terms?

  43. Was told that I’ve been selected through the off campus interview, been waiting for my offer letter since then. How long does it usually take? And what’s the approximate joining date after getting an offer letter? Really helps ppl coming from outside Bangalore to make arrangements!

  44. Hello sir!! How will be the interview process for upcoming drive ? Can you please tell me what kind of topics will be asked in GD ? And tips to clear the rounds???

  45. Apart from the offer letter, do we get any official communication that we’re selected? I’ve received communication only from the person who took my interview, saying I am selected. Been over a month now since im waiting for offer letter. Kindly help

  46. On 30th Sept I attend interview in calicut …I got selected Mr. Praveen interviewed me…he told me that your date of joining is next Monday and you will receive the call letter within 4days but I didn’t receive till now!!.kindly help me sir

  47. Sir , I have attended for Sales and Marketing roles interview held in Hyderabad on 23rd September , I got through 2nd round (PI)
    But HR sir said the results will be out/sent to you after few days)
    Can I know when will I get the result ?
    Atleast Selected/Rejected Mail ?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  48. What is the order of promotions, starting from a BDA? Does the salary increase accordingly? After what period can one start getting promoted?

  49. Hi,
    I interviewed for BDA on Oct 1 at Cochin.
    I did attend all 2 rounds of the interview.
    The HR who interviewed me told me that i should receive a call letter in 3/4 days if selected.
    Since this is the 4th day i just wanted to confirm.

    1. Are the selection mails for the above mentioned interview been sent?
    2. I have got a call letter from another company in infopark. I have a week to join.

    2.1 Till what date do i have to wait for a selection mail before confirming that i was rejected?
    2.2 Can i join the other company , resign and then join byju’s if i receive a late selection mail? Are any documents needed in that case?

    3. “You shall also receive a mail to complete some formalities on a portal” – May i know what these procedures are?

    4. I brought my marklist for the interview . I have applied for a degree certificate from the university. I should probably get it in 2 weeks time.
    Is this required by the time i join (if i am selected)?
    What are the documents to be uploaded / submitted?

    1. 1. Should be sent within a couple of days.
      2. Take the risk. Wait!
      2.2 Yes. But I am assuming you’d have a notice period. If that’s the case, we won’t accept delayed joinees.
      3. Bank and college details.
      4. Yes, provisional will do.

  50. I gave an interview around 2 months ago and after a month or so I received only verbal communication to inform me I’ve been selected, and no selection mail or offer letter yet. Is this normal?

  51. Please help me with this. I have been waiting for my offer letter since almost one and a half month. Is there any delay due to some reasons?

  52. hello sir,
    i have attended interview scheduled on 1st Oct’17 for BDA profile in surat. I have got a call of selection and mail to complete the registration process with joining date 12th oct’17 .But till now i haven’t got a offer letter.can you please help me out???
    thank you

  53. Sir
    I was informed on oct 11, 2017 that i got selected for bda and should join at november 6 through call . Thay said that i would get offer mail soon. My fellowmate who atended and selected with me has received offer mail yesterday ( oct 13 , 2017 ) . Should i call back to the same number or should wait fr ?

  54. Dear sir,
    on 7th october 2017, i attended the interview for BDA position in BYJU’S and i cleared both the rounds. The recruiter said the results will be out by last week and he said that i will get a confirmation mail if selected.
    so just want to know if the results are out or should we wait for few more days?

  55. Have the selection mails for Bangalore location been sent? I’ve been waiting since 2 months for a selection mail. I got only a confirmation of selection via call from my interviewer. No response even after messaging recruitments@byjus.com

  56. Hello sir
    1.I have attended the interview on 15th Oct 2017 and cleared both rounds (HR+PI),,when can I expect the results??

    2.what is the percentage of rejection after completion of 2 rounds (PI+HR) and some basic portal registration? ?

    3 still how many days we have to wait??

  57. How long does it usually take to get date of joining after filling out the details in the link provided to the portal?

  58. I had a horrifying experience for content developer interview. I git selected after doing the tasks via online and was called for demo presentation at banglore. But it turned out really bad as the expectation level given to me before interview did not match with what they actually expected. They asked me to reapply after 2 months since they liked my communication skills. Does this mean that i am completely rejected and will the interview process be harassing if i reapply?

  59. I’m working at Byju’s Pune office. I’m finding it difficult to close deals. I get reasons like we will tell you later, price is too much etc.
    How can I make the parents understand the need of the product?

  60. Hi Prannay , this is Sachin Jha . I was interviewed at byjus Pune office and I cleared both the rounds. (HR+PI ) on 18th nov . They told me that I would be informed the result later.But there hasn’t been any communication since then . Any update regarding this ?? One interviewer was Akshrya Joshi Ma’am, I don’t know the other one.

  61. Hello Sir, I have mailed to every id possible,including you, and recruitments, but haven’t got any reply. Does that mean that I am rejected?? Kindly let me know.

  62. Hello Sir

    I was selected during a pool drive in 6th sem of my engineering. Till now, i have no active back in any subject. But if, unfortunately i get a back in 7th semester, so would my joining be cancelled at that particular scenario ?

  63. Hello sir,
    I applied via online mode and had an interview scheduled in Mumbai on 10th of December 2017. I received a call the next day after interview regarding offer letter and registration on an online think and learn portal. But after that I have not received any communication. I had also mentioned my joining date as 16th Jan 2018 which was reconfirmed on the call that i received the next day.
    I have not yet received the offer letter, does that mean I am out??

  64. I converted Byjus last week and got a call from Banglore Office regarding joining dates and it got finalized for 15th january.
    she also mentioned about the accomodation and the tickets to Banglore as after getting training for 15 days in Banglore I will be shifted to Nagpur.
    and you are saying that their is no accomodation or tickets.
    i am doing my MBA and currently in my last semester.
    please tell me….as she clearly mentioned the same.

  65. Hello sir,

    I was interviewed in Mumbai on 10th of December and the next day I received call from Byju’s asking me to do an online registration on think and learn website for granting offer letter. My joining date was stated as 16th of Jan 2018 owing to my end semester exams. I have not received any communication thereafter. My registered email i.d is kalyan.hasurkar.fms16@gmail.com. I had telephonic conversation with Aparna Thakur from Byju’s.

  66. Hey!!
    Abishek here!
    I received a confirmation call from Byju’s announcing my joining date by 8th of Jan, and it is for the training at banglore and posting is at Chennai!
    I’m a current resident of Hyderabad, and the posting was posted to my wish only!
    When will i get an official mail from byju’s stating my confirmation!
    Please revert at the earliest!
    thank you!

  67. Hi sir, this is shruti iyer from lnct college, bhopal.
    I’ve been give this information by my t&p officer that I’ve been selected by your company.Thank you so much for that, looking forward to work with byju’s.
    But sir i haven’t received any offer letter so far whereas all my fellow mates have received it and they’ve been asked to join from 15 jan 2018,whereas is didn’t even receive a call from any byju’s representative.
    Could you please help me with this?
    shrutiiyer62@gmail.com – is my email id
    College – lakshmi narain college of technology bhopal

  68. Hello sir,
    Greetings from my side!
    I was interviewed in Mumbai on 10th of December and the next day I received call from Byju’s asking me to do an online registration on think and learn website for granting offer letter. My joining date was stated as 16th of Jan 2018 owing to my end semester exams. I have not received any communication thereafter. My registered email i.d is kalyan.hasurkar.fms16@gmail.com. I had telephonic conversation with Aparna Thakur from Byju’s.

    May I know when can i expect an offer letter or mail of joining or rather should I even expect it??
    Thanks in advance.

  69. hey.!
    I was selected through Cocubes portal but I have not received offer letter from Byjus yet.
    The drive was conducted in Ghaziabad on 16th November and the results were out on 22nd November.
    But still, there is no single update regarding the offer letter.
    What should I do now ?

  70. Sir, I have applied for Byjus for the interviews which are going to be conducted on 6/7th Jan at Pune location but haven’t received the email regarding time and venue. The same thing happened in the last month(9/10th December). Does that mean I’m rejected?

  71. sir, my joining is mid january-2018(most probably).Is there any possibilities to extend my DOJ till february 2018 due to some personal issues.

  72. How many days prior to the joining date do they usually send the call letters?I have my joining on the 29th of January.I got a telephonic confirmation about the same on the 26th of December.Ever since I have been waiting for the call letter.

  73. Hello sir,
    I Got myself registered for the upcoming walk-in in Delhi for BDA on 3/4 feb. But I won’t able to attend the walk-in due to some medical emergency.
    I am really keen to work with byju’s. Is there some provision to get the interview rescheduled to some other date by the end of February.
    Waiting for a revert back.
    Best regards

  74. Hi,

    I cleared both rounds of interview at Chennai on 21jan2018 but didn’t get any mail/call after that.I have even tried emailing but not getting a proper response. could you please help me it as its been three weeks.

  75. Sir/Madam

    I have recieved a message of being shortlisted for the interview and have been asked to confirm my interview through mail but i have not recieved any details of the interview process – date /place etc…how will i get to know about those details.

      1. I got a call from Byjus for interview process which is to be held on 21st/22nd of this month i.e. tomorrow/ day after and was told that the details-venue/timings would be mailed to me. I haven’t received the mail yet. I would be travelling from another city so need the information to plan my travel accordingly, whom can i contact for the same?

  76. Hello, I was selected at Byju’s open campus held at Aurangabad on 15th March. I was notified by the AlmaMapper Technologies who organised the drive that I am selected with 4 more students. I also have a copy of their mail. But I didn’t yet receive my offer letter or any call from Byju’s yet. Can you please tell me when will I receive the offer letter? And when will I be contacted regarding the same?

  77. Sir I had an interview on 15th April in Kolkata nd cleared 1st nd hr round .During my hr round I hv been told about the location which is either New Delhi /Lucknow.Sir I haven’t received any mail/ call yet.when will we get the results nd what’s the %of my selection.

      1. Sir ,kindly let us know about the results of 15th April drive held in Kolkata.I hv mailed to recruitments@byjus.com two to three times but didn’t get any response.sir pls help with the appropriate information.

  78. Sir, still we haven’t received any mail /call regarding 15th April drive held in Kolkata.kindly inform sir whether results hv been announced or not or we hv to wait for more days.

  79. I was selected in my college on campus drive by think and learn and was informed that the joining will be by january.I was selected in December 2017 and now its been nearly 5 months but still didnt receive any intimation regarding the joining date.
    Once i got a call from byjus but was not able to attend it. Then i made a cal back but was not able to contact .
    I mailed twice my details to recruitments@byjus.com but didnt receive any response
    Can u plz tell me when will i be called or there is any other way to contact the HR?

  80. I have got a mail to attend the byjus drive in May. I cleared the first round i.e G.D after that it was personal interview where I was told that if I got selected I will receive a mail from byjus. After 3 days I got a mail to complete candidature process.
    I have filled all the details.
    From that day till now I haven’t received any email from byjus.
    Can you please tell me if I am selected or not?

  81. Is it mandatory to provide the relieving letter on the DOJ ? It’s just 3 months I served in a company and it will take a month to generate my relieving letter. So is it okay if I will provide my 3 month salary slip along with the letter from my company about my resignation? Kindly let me know at earliest. thanku

  82. i accepted the offer later after 3 weeks of its generation will that be fine as it was specified to accept it within a week, will there be ant problem ?

  83. Hello sir, I have received a mail with a link to complete the candidature form however I cannot see an option to click on My Profile/ register as a new user. What do I do now? And what is the deadline to fill in the details?

  84. Hi!
    The interview process for the BDA profile was held in Delhi on 15th July 2018. The results for the GD were announced immediately(I cleared) and then my PI was held with the AVP, Sales(probably). My interview was being recorded and post that I was asked for my location preference(s) and how soon can I join. To which I replied immediately.

    I believe I heard someone saying the results will be out in 2 days. Today is the 3rd day, so I’m just confirming.

    1) Are the results out?
    2) IN CASE THEY AREN’T, when can I expect them to be out?

    Awaiting response!

      1. Oh, okay!
        Thanks for the prompt update.

        Is it safe to say that the results aren’t out for the 2nd round?

        I’m asking so because for the first round the results were immediately conveyed to the selected ones. This could be the case for 2nd round candidates as well.
        I also had another interview(different company) where I have to confirm my appointment within 10 days. If the results aren’t out, I’m willing to take the risk. But, if they’re out already, then obviously I didn’t make the cut and should join the other company.

        I’ll be highly obliged if you could throw some light on it. I don’t want to miss both the boats. If they aren’t out, then it’s a different story.

        1. Awaiting response, sir.

          Please update me about the result. Wouldn’t have pestered you if it wasn’t important.

  85. Sir, I had appeared for the interview round in Noida on 15th of this month. I cleared the GD, and then my 2nd Interview was taken. Today, I have received a mail with the subject: ‘Recruitment Update’ which demands a form be filled for something called ‘candidature review process’.

    Does this mean I am Selected?

  86. hi sir,
    My Interview was recorded & i am not selected for the offer…
    can i appear in the interview once again as i know exactly what went wrong …

  87. Hello.!

    I’ve applied for the post of digital artist a month ago I was also called for an interview and I was asked to give a test in which I was asked to make a something related to motion graphics. It’s been almost two weeks I still didn’t here from the creative team. Does this process takes time ? Or should I wait for an email regarding my results.?

  88. Hi,
    Is there any interview this month or coming month in aurangabad coz i belong to aurangabad and want to attend interview. Please help me out for the same

  89. Sir, I saw the openings for BDA in your website. I am a final year engineering student (2019 passout), am I eligible to apply for the drive?

  90. Hi Sir,

    Firstly, I thank your team to have interviewed me for the role of Operations associate on the 7th of October at the Byju’s Bangalore office. I am curious to explore more about Think & Learn and be a part of your supply chain management department. I would be glad if you could tell me when the results of the interview would be disclosed?

    I look forward to hear from you.

  91. hello sir,
    I’m Ashish Anand.i attened interview in byju’s today but HR told after 1st round that you shall receive a mail regarding that your selected or not so i just want to know that if in case i donot be select then after how many months i can apply again…
    Thank You

  92. Hi sir,

    Firstly, Thank you for your time. Its been more than 2 weeks since I gave my interview for the Supply chain/Operations profile on the 7th of October at Bangalore. I just wanted to confirm if the results of the interview have been communicated already as I have’t received any update after the interview yet.

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