Friends, we are not Hindus, nor are we Muslims. We are narcissistic species, who cocoon ourselves into believing in a world with blemished powers, yet claim the superiority of each.

I am bringing forward the concept of a single Power one that’s exclusive to none answerable to none and has nothing human about it.

What I am proposing is a power, personal to everyone, that’s mechanical and that keeps an account of our lives. Our life is not subjected to the discretion of that power, it only registers data. Take deeds as quantum of energy. There’s a fixed amount that complies by the energy conservation law. We often complain of God not being fair. But this way, if you really believe in the concept, you realise that you are either short of a few quantum, or your energy is being utilised somewhere else. Thus we can eventually channelize our destiny differently.

Humans are intellectual creatures who can very well define values. We use religion like a trolley-car–we ride on it only while it is going our way. Why the need of religion to set rules, that are anyway half-heartedly followed. We live in a modern world that requires even religion to be bent according to us. Muslims now drink, don’t do their namaaz 5 times, 7 sins in Christianity are being taken for granted, then why, why can’t we have an entirely new concept of a unique system of power. We know what’s right. Its practicality over oblivion.

Muharram, where people punish themselves to mourn the lives lost and repents the mistakes done by someone else, centuries ago. Operation Blue Star, big controversy, and our Prime Minister is killed, why? Because it hurt the religious sentiments of Sikhs. I respect every religion but I strongly oppose terrorism being put over it. You have rules in many Arabic countries of restricting women to move outside or the freedom of a dress code.  With a more liberal concept people no longer need to cut themselves in the name of religion, women can move around freely because there are no more tangible rules to restrict them.

We all love celebrating festivals. Here too we can have them. We celebrate valentines, Raksha Bandhan children’s day, there’s nothing religious about them plus it doesn’t pollute the waters, or the air, nor would they lead to stampedes. Plus we have scientific explanation for most of the festivals. In Diwali the diyas can be used to wade away insects that are prominent at that time. Holi can be taken as a festival to irrigate the dry fields who have been barren after the cutting season.

We find it hard to believe that nothing paranormal created us. Miller and Urey experiment, methane water vapour hydrogen spark, bam!!!! Amino acids created followed by life. I believe the theory.

One of the major arguments against the concept is the lack of self-assurance. When you are crying helplessly in the corner, or when it’s the last penalty you have to hit, you need to look into the skies hoping that something’s going to make it all right. Well in that case there is always a dilemma even for god. If he grants one he refutes another. Believing in one power actually makes life fair, and the deserving contender wins. You don’t complain, you know where you are wrong and you know how to do it right.

Friends I do not mean to demean any religion. Religion was actually a very noble concept, but that was years ago. The present scenario demands us to change, change the way we look at things and need to get rid of things that bind us. We are in the modern world where more than religion we need progress.

‘We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.’




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