It’s been two months….

14th January-

I was drunk from my friend’s B’day party. Along with the usual blabbering and taking people’s cases, I said one thing to one of my good friend’s. “Book Wankhede, we are going to reach the final this time. It’s Sachin’s this time.” He mocked me and I remember him strangling……

21st March- The same friend messages me “what do you think”, when we were in a tight situation against Australia. I replied ‘it’s ours’. I remember Punter’s face that night. I sadistically loved it. Indo-Pak was next. It’s always been a hyped event. This time was no exception. Our college section booked a place to see the match. We had videos of the Gambhir Afridi rivalry played in class on the projector.

When it started we knew we were going to remember a lot of Pakistani’s mothers and sisters and so was the case. I was a bit tensed when our batting collapsed. But we won. We had forgotten the perm time. We just op

ened a champagne bottle and roamed the streets that were now hosting a rally of semi-nude people on their vehicles.  As if we had won the world cup.

Next was Sri Lanka. Even I wasn’t too sure about this one. They were the strongest contenders. I hadn’t put on the Indian map on my face as I had done that in 2003. While having food in the mess, some faculty member sat beside me. Just to start a conversation he asked ‘who do you think..’ I said ‘India’ before he could finish. He said ‘I don’t think so’. I later explained him their middle order problems and convinced we can take them.

We had booked the same place. The match started pretty well for us, we got their top order, but then Jayawardhene got stuck. A brilliant century but we had Sachin. The Indian batting started tensed. Sehwag going for duck didn’t help either. Sachin was in sublime touch. A straight drive that has been carved as the best shot in my memories. Suddenly his IPL mate had him reaching for an edge. Numbness was a word that defined that time. I don’t remember what happened for the next half an hour. I was crying in front of everyone (probably after 5th publically). One of the keen supporter was hell bent on lifting the mood. He would shout and wouldn’t allow a soul to move from his place if the situation was improving. We won!!! The Lankans had been tamed as I gulped my las

t sip of beer whose bottle I still keep.  I talked to Mom just before I broke down. We had a huge college celebration at KC, people on roofs, throwing milk packets, strangers congratulating each other.

Had never been more proud to be an Indian. Had never been more happy for the God. He finally got what he deserved.!!!!


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