Fluffy- World’s Longest snake

Fluffy, a reticulated python (not an Anaconda!!) currently holds the Guinness record for being the longest snake at 24 ft. Although there have been claims of snakes being as big as 40 ft, but none have been verified. BTW there’s a 50,000$ prize for live delivery of any snake above 30ft. . Fluffy

Swine Dinner = You!!

Pigs are omnivorous animals with very strong jaws. Hence when given a chance they can eat anything and everything quite literally. Their strong jaws allow them to eat even bones. So if you murder someone you now know where to put the bodies 😉

Disgraceful Chappell

Perhaps the most disgraceful moment of World Cricket was when Greg Chappell the then captain of the Australian team asked his brother, Trevor Chappell to bowl an underarm. New Zealand needed 6 runs of the last ball. Underarm Incident

Young Blue Finishers

As a 4-1 score line projected a dominating Indian side, the Indo-Windies  series was far from comfortable for the home side. Most of the matches were very close (except off course the Sehwag battering), and in the end the better finisher survived. Since ages, we have been known as a team with gigantic batting prowess,…

Star Wars on your computer

Every one can now watch star wars on any computer. It is a sort of pre-loaded movie. The movie is made with dots. Here is what you do— 1. Go online then go to run and type- telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl If it doesn’t work then follow these steps and do step 1 again- a. Click Start…

It deserves a contest!!

Its just the story one could have written as a fairy tail. Home crowd, a challenging total and a World Cup final. It did not happen then. Out after a mesmerising straight drive. Some things are great just because it takes a lot of effort to achieve them and then there is a kind of…