What was Feminism again?-Udita Chakraborty

So true!!!

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Finally, after a little over a month I drew the curtains on my latest obsession – ‘Person of Interest’ (Dear Parents – It’s a TV show). I had gotten used to planning my day around the number of episodes I could aim to watch (In case any of my supervisors/employers are reading this – I swear I did not plan my leaves around this). I cancelled on my friends to catch one extra episode and I felt emotionally responsible for the scriptwriter’s decisions. Yes, I can get carried away sometimes. Well, you can thus imagine the withdrawal symptoms that took over me post the credits of the last episode.

Hence, it was time to call an old friend and meet over some good-old fried food!

My ramblings here and now however, have nothing to with the A-mazing show. Rather, it is about a small incident that caught my attention in…

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