I lay him down to sleep,

The screams, the cry, the desperation of eye,

They all fade away in smoke.

She watched as he gave away,

For a lesser pain, the heaven await.

She smiled, as if to infer my deed.

Judging nay, an understanding sought.

Drop by drop as Lucifer grew,

Her lips so numb, her eyes, the dew.

And yet she smiled,

As she drew nigher,

To search the kiss of innocence.

She averred right a sweller truth

As he watched in avarice the wisdom elude

Sins precede our human race

‘For in lord we trust

And sins he made

Beyond the ken of mortal say

Is the hell we make but hell it is

Thou hast the love for hate there is.’

Oh! She drew so close

Her shimmering self.

Every breath, a distant dream.

The wear of day and her mellow whisper

The crimson lips kiss the slumber.

Aah! I smile, ages been.

She seemed like someone I could love



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