I love You

The heart mine skips a beat when I think of you

The way you blush when in my arms;

Your scarlet lips upon my face.

And how you be within the thorns, yet so serene.

With you I need not words,

For you know what I’d confess.

The nascent monsoon, Oh! The smell!

Reminds me of your bloomy face;

The droplets trickling your rosy cheeks,

You feel a sensual fairy tale.

The sight of yours sets me in trance,

For I’d admire you forever.

On valentines my only want,

The reason that I celebrate.

My love for you shall never wilt,

How dry you can be;

Shall be kept in book of memories,

You’d lay there as the misty eyes

Smile through those dreams

I loved you when we first met,

I pine for you still.

Sorry I chose to lay you down,

But I’d love you in death.

My crimson rose, the beauty thee

The sole admirer of my books.

On valentines my only want

For I buy one for myself.


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