I frown upon the sins I taste

The scars they leave are blind,

For the grave shall mock upon my fate

Destined to elude its trait.

Your smile perceived with reeked detest

The hate you show is mine

For I believe an abomination

While you aver a birth of another time.

Don’t recite a laugh of mine, loves your heart

For I know thou art no fool;

My hand shall tell tales as I swoon to life

The choice, dismay, was never mine.

And yet you ask to me befool

As I concede, abashed.

Reflect a fright as I speculate my deeds

The Dardan eyes are veiled.

The gay old fool but I’d walk no aisle

With Christ I wage a war

The sacrilege shall cease in vain

Beheld the pain with pretence I shriek.

The silent wail as Satan whispers

The entreat to refute disguise

The irony is I agree

But yet I choose to lie

The devil mars my thoughts

As crimson I ruin the wind

The ones I love do bear the mask

But shall they kiss when it’s relieved from within?


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