The Devil Mocks

Dark it lurks as Lucifer stares

The beauty of eyes thy heed

In love thy fell with the smile in masque

While in blood, thy yield thou faith

Hurt enough a heart that’s frail

Yet moments are held on forever

Hell hath sent a felon thy kissed

Burnt euphoric lips

For in hell it’s dealt with clearer thoughts

The cards thou bluff is called

In vain shall lose in demon’s lair

The slit of sword in hand

Shall let to leave with the eternal truth

While thou perceive what it posses

For words said are echoed across

The touch pensive thou weep

The devil dies, in pain thou seek

Redemption of the bond

Dark it stares into thou eyes

And yet they don’t concede

Shed a tear the world entreats

And mark the blood some peace

The virgin smile complains to thee

Another one shall play

Then shall bless; thou act

Till then we be sans bewray


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