Found a friend in you

When you hate everyone so close,

They would give no reason to be morose.

When you feel life’s worthless,

They would show that the highest worth is less.

She would praise you for your achievements.

As proud as mother.

She would scold you for you’re your immaturity,

As caring as father.

She would console you as if a baby.

Would mellow you when you go crazy.

She would narrow her eyes and look straight into yours,

When you are mean.

But will eventually forgive

Even then restless to talk to thee.

When nothing goes right

She would jump and thus protest.

When she’s happy,

She would dance for she has pretext.

You taught me what’s ‘oblivious’

Thank you, you were so meticulous.

You changed me without even a warning.

Gave me a reason to wake up every morning.

You know what am I,

You understand me probably more than I.

You made me smile when I wanted to cry.

You taught me how to live life, even when I was shy.

Thought of losing you shatters me,

Can only hope I would stay in touch with thee.

Hope you keep on laughing for hours,

For I really love that smile of yours

I hope you’ll always remember me

For I swear I will.

And even if thy ignore my plea,

I still found a friend in thee.

Don’t change for there are rare like you

Don’t refrain when the world talks crap about you.

You surely got 1 vote for you.

Wait for others due.


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