WordPress.com- How to put Affiliate Ads

WordPress.com as we all know does not allow users to use Google Adsense or any other such revenue generating ad-service. Even if they did allow one couldn’t use it for the lack of availability of CSS Java Scripts in WordPress.com. Although, the rules are ambiguous about affiliate programs, nothing is said and they are fairly…

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Surreal Thailand

Note: Based on a true story! She struggled with the seat belt buckle for a few seconds; her husband, sitting beside her, knew better than to try help her with it. She finally leaned back to the seat, closed her eyes and sighed heavily. Her husband had already as always acted upon his intrigue for…


Points to remember while visiting Goa

My trips to Goa from college have all been amazing. While the first time I went with a bunch of crazy people ready for an adventure, I learnt many things for the next visit. Keep these in mind when going for a Goa trip, especially from college!!! Try going with an all guy gang. Easier,…


Cricket’s resurrection

I stopped watching cricket keenly after Sachin’s retirement. I felt the game was losing its class. Australia’s visit, I believed was one of the most disgraceful series for cricket; chasing 350 regularly with that ease!!! The game had slowly become entertainment and batsmen centric with no respite for the bowlers. Pitches tweaked to suit the…


My first app using MIT APP INVENTOR 2

I recently decided to learn something new and Android App programming seemed to be the best idea. Now as I had no coding background (A little bit of C++ years ago memories ago), I thought Google shall be my ally. So I downloaded eclipse and the necessary files; I could not go beyond displaying hello…


MIT Manipal Placements 2012-13

Following are some details of placements for the year 2012-13. The details are only for the 7th Semester. The actual placement this year has been far better; this is just to give you a better idea of placements.